Unique beach with heated or natural spa

Unique beach with heated or natural spa Unique beach with heated or natural spa

Approximately 170 kilometers from Auckland, New Zealand, on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula is unusual beach. This beach is notable in that it is constantly heated from below the sand. Of course, the beach is not heated artificially laid pipes. All the mystery lies in the underground hot springs, passing through the sand near the water.

Unique beach with heated or natural spa 2

Each year, this unique beach with heated arrive more than 100 thousand tourists. Thus, the attention of travelers is making this beach one of the most memorable places in New Zealand. The most striking and unusual is happening for several hours before and after the high tide. The fact is that at the same time, the beach turns into a real natural spa. If you dig a hole big enough, you can actually see how incredibly hot water rises to the surface.

Unique beach with heated or natural spa 3

In this amazing and important natural pools the water temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius. The locals and experienced travelers usually bring you a bucket and spade, as soon as possible to dig out a separate hole and relax in the thermal water. Alas, this activity is often unsafe.

Unique beach with heated or natural spa 4

Arriving there the first time, it is worth remembering that the water temperature is quite high and it is not necessary to dig too deep in the sand. In addition, the sources are quite close to the surface of the water, and relatively high tidal waves can be fatal to host a spa bath. To avoid this, it is strongly recommended to be more than 50 meters from the source located on the rocks.

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Mindful of such useful warnings, your holiday will be a truly divine because of these thermal springs created by nature itself. Having been in New Zealand, you just have to look at this «beach with heated» and relax on these wonderful sources.

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