House in the form of an acorn or park Canberra

Canberra is the capital of Australia, the population there is 345 thousand people. It is the largest city, which is only found in Australia. But besides the fact that it is a large city, you can meet a lot of amazing places from which a sea of unforgettable emotions.

House in the form of an acorn or park Canberra 2

Speaking of Canberra, you can immediately remember that there is an amazing National Arboretum. Besides the fact that it provided a large number of trees that are disappearing from the face of the earth. You can also see the area for entertainment. The design, which can be seen here, is intended not only for children but also for adults. What’s interesting is that the structure is made in the form of huge acorns and this is not to mention the fact that the building is made entirely of wood.

House in the form of an acorn or park Canberra 3

There is also entertainment, such designs as a climbing wall, slides, tunnels, ladders. And it is located at a height greater than 10 feet. If played enough, a child or even an adult gets tired, he can rest in the house in the shape of an acorn. The house interior is decorated beautifully, that is, on the ceiling, you can see the clouds, on the walls of plants and insects, that is fully consistent with the actual design of a forest or tree. How to find the creators of the project, such entertainment area closer to the nature of the child.

House in the form of an acorn or park Canberra 4

If we talk about the plants and trees themselves, then they are only grown in the open field, as well as on specific thematic grounds. Arboretum decided to set up after the 2003 fires destroyed a large part of the forests.

House in the form of an acorn or park Canberra 5

In order to see what it represents this park, you can visit the official website. But best of all, there is a step to meet and to come to Australia. So it will be much better and, of course, interesting.

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