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Although there are lot of  wonderful stories about Australia, from giant grasshoppers to platypuses- murderers, tourism in Australia is booming for many decades, and travel around Australia leave the brightest impressions. Given this, web site Set-travel announces its new section "Travel and tourism in Australia", in which we will present not only hotels in Australia, but also memories of eyewitnesses, articles about Australia and the author's gallery "Australia photo".

News in Australia

In section «News of tourism and travel around Australia» we will try to cover such moments as "News in Australia", where in addition to general news about life of the continent we will give you the most current information about which journey to Australia and its six states tourism in Australia can offer to tourists for today.  

Tourism in Australia

Before realize your travel to Australia it worth noting that the bulk of the continent consists of desert and semi-desert, on whose territory tourism in Australia is not very developed due to lack of appropriate tourist infrastructure. Because even hotels of Australia are rather big rare in this area.

 A major part of developed tourism in Australia is situated on the Pacific coast, where Australia has analogues of alpine meadows and the African jungle with unique flora and fauna. Mainly in the section of our website Set-travel «Australia photo» presented animals such as marsupial koalas and kangaroos, for whom Australia is the only place of living.

Hotels in Australia

Despite the fact that Australia is located in the southern hemisphere and a few thousand kilometers from the European continent, today trip around Australia is not something fantastic . Just several transfers at airports in Europe and America, and you have already come out from the plane in Kamberre, the capital of parliamentary and constitutional monarchy.

And Set-travel in the "News in Australia" tell you about all the peculiarities of traveling around Australia in detail, including questions about how to find cheap hotels in Australia and where the most optimal exchange your currency to the «AUD» , the Australian dollar, which is used not only in Australia, but also on some of islands in that ndependent state. Read the «News of tourism and travel around Australia» on Set-travel.

And if you are going to visit a continent like Australia and personally evaluate all the pros and cons of traveling to Australia, it is highly recommended to follow carefully all the updates of section "News of tourism and travel in Australia" on our site Set-travel.

Rest in Australia

Because in this section we will try to answer all your questions about tourism in Australia, ranging from how to organize holiday in Australia optimally and ending such moments, as deference between hotels in Australia and its island territories.

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