Pink Diamond

Among the great variety of all the “oddities” of Australia, and this is the same platypus and marsupial kangaroos, many tourist guidebooks mark the so-called “pink diamond”, Hillier Hill, which stands out among the numerous lakes of the world not only in its color, but also in its color Origin. Pink Diamond continues to keep

Sculpture Park

As some historians of landscape design say, the sculpture park, as one of the tendencies of creation of popular recreation zones, has a rather ancient history, because if you recall the same “Summer Garden” of St. Petersburg or the parks of Ancient Rome, it becomes quite understandable the craving for the perception of nature, Through

Stone balls

Like many island states of our Planet, New Zealand has a volcanic origin, which largely determines its mountainous nature. At the same time on its territory there are six active volcanoes, which repeatedly showed in their foreseeable past their rather aggressive nature. And as a confirmation of this on the sea beaches near the fishing

Bondi Iceberg and other places of interest in Australia

Experienced travelers all recommend to allocate time and money and at least once to visit Australia. The funny thing is that you do not need to look for Australian sights, since for an ordinary European, everything here will seem like a curiosity. Attractions in Australia: quality leisure and entertainment The beauty of composition in Australia

New Caledonia, Heart in Voh

Travel the world and not to visit in France – it is hard to imagine. And if you travel with a pair, then visit Paris many consider itself bound. After all, it is the city of lovers and romantics. France made famous by many events, in whose honor was erected a huge number of monuments.

The steepest street in the world in the city of Dunedin

This remarkable street is located in the heart of New Zealand, namely in the city of Dunedin, the second largest city of the South Island. This truly is the steepest street in the world is located in the north-east of the city center, about 4 kilometers away. Beginning this street takes on North Road and

Incredible island of Yap and its stone money

The Federated States of Micronesia, the western part of the Caroline Islands, lies this incredible island of Yap. At one time, the island was the capital of a vast empire Yapskoy, stretching for more than 1000 km. In the XVII century the island was under Spanish rule, Japan and Germany. And in the period from

Hotel Huka Lodge … – Rybachy directly from the balcony…

In 1920, the notorious Irishman Alan Payem was based hotel Huka Lodge, which is located in New Zealand. To date, this hotel has an exclusive status as amazes even the most demanding guests. For tourists here can be removed not only comfortable, but also houses for large families. The cost of one night in 1500

Cult place Scotland – Calanais

Calanais located on the Isle of Lewis Hebrides archipelago Large, it is currently the largest monument of megalithic culture of the British Isles. The reconstructed shape «Callanish Stones» was established probably in the Neolithic period, between about 2.9 and 2.6 thousand. BC. Experts note that previously (until 3000 it housed the sanctuary). Calanais formed thirteen