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Despite the fact that such a continent as Australia has the most amazing stories, ranging from giant grasshoppers and platypus killers, tourism in Australia has been on the rise for more than a decade, and traveling through Australia leaves the most vivid impressions. With this in mind, the Set-travel website announces its new section "Travel and Tourism in Australia", in which we will present not only Australian hotels, but the same memories of eyewitnesses to articles about Australia, but also the author's gallery "Australia Photo".

News in Australia

In the section "Tourism news and travel in Australia", we will try to cover such issues as "News in Australia", where, in addition to general news about the features of life of this continent, we will offer you the most current information, that tourism in Australia can offer a tourist to date in terms of travel to Australia and its six states.

Tourism in Australia

In terms of the implementation of such a project as a trip to Australia, it should be noted that the main part of this continent consists of deserts and semi-deserts, on the territory of which tourism in Australia is not very developed, due to the lack of appropriate tourist infrastructure. After all, in this area, even hotels in Australia are quite a rarity.

And the main part, where tourism develops in Australia, is concentrated on the Pacific coast, where Australia has analogues of alpine meadows and African jungles, where unique flora and fauna lives. In particular, in the section of our Set-travel "Australia Photo" site there are such animals as marsupial koalo kangaroos, for which Australia has become the world's only habitat.

Hotels in Australia

Despite the fact that Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere and a few thousand kilometers from the European continent, to date, traveling to Australia is not something fantastic. Several transfers at airports in Europe and America and you are already leaving the ramp in Camberra, the capital of the parliamentary-constitutional monarchy.

In this case, Set-travel in the "News in Australia" section will tell you in detail about all the features of making a trip to Australia, including how to find cheap hotels in Australia and where it's best to exchange the currency you brought to "AUD" - the Australian dollar that has Not only on the continent Australia, but also on a number of islands that are part of this independent state.

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And if you really and seriously are going to visit such a continent as Australia and personally appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages of traveling in Australia, we strongly recommend that you closely monitor all updates of this section of our site Set-travel, such as "Tourism News and Travel in Australia" .

Holidays in Australia

After all, it is here that we will try to answer all your questions about what is tourism in Australia, from how to optimally organize a holiday in Australia and ending with such moments travel to Australia, exactly how the hotels in Australia, and its island territories.

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