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Asia is the largest continent of our planet, in which more than 54 states are located, which are washed by the three largest oceans. At the same time, the territory occupied by Asia has included such an abundance of language cultures that all their dictionaries can compose a multivolume edition that will number more than one hundred weighty volumes.

China, Thailand, the Maldives and India - the best resorts in Asia

With this in mind, to date, the tourism industry has paid particular attention to this territory. Because of what the best resorts in Asia attract the closest attention of many travel companies and international operators of this business. So it turns out that a significant flow of tourists heading to the Asian continent, basically make up that category of travelers who already have experience of staying in the same Europe, Africa and America. And pushes them to such trips the fundamental difference between cultures and natural landscapes, which they can see only in Asian countries. In view of this, Asian resorts never lack the desire to relax in this or that country in this region.

The best resorts in Asia

Take at least the resorts of East Asia, which are located in such countries as China, Taiwan and Japan. In this case, all of them are distinguished by a great abundance of different cultures and national characteristics, which are most acutely perceived by representatives of European culture. For example, at least the tourist industry in China, where the main tourist centers and resorts are located in large cities, which allows you to fully experience the unity of European and Asian culture. After all, the presence of first-class hotel complexes is side by side with a slightly different mental approach to the guest, which is not found in conservative Europe.

Ski resorts in Asia? Yes, there are some

However, along with all of the above, and in this part of the world you can meet a hundred percent European standard of outdoor activities - ski resorts in Asia. To do this, it is enough to visit South Korea and visit its best ski resorts. In particular, this applies to such resorts as Muju and High 1, which according to the international television channel CNN Travel rank first in popularity among the winter resorts in the world. The presence of a developed infrastructure for ski holidays, allows them to receive a large number of guests. And you can with 100% certainty that those tourists who have once rested here will strive to get here again. Of course, the best resorts in Asia are worth it ...

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