Monuments Asia

Monuments Asia

Monuments of Asia

Since 1945, one of its units has been established at the United Nations, which deals with the preservation of peace in various regions, through the preservation and development of the cultural values ​​of certain peoples of the world. This organization is called UNESCO (UNESCO - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Modern culture and historical monuments of Asia

One of the activities of the organization is the preservation of such a heritage of all mankind, as historical monuments of Asia, as one of the most numerous cultures of our Planet. Based on modern views on the history of the development of modern civilization, the undeniable contribution of cultures located on the Asian continent can not be underestimated. After all, despite the level of development of science and culture in European countries, the foundations of this historical development were laid on the Asian continent in particular in the same China.

Classic examples of this are not limited to the creation of paper and gunpowder, silk and tea. These achievements lie much deeper in the very way of thinking of peoples inhabiting this continent. And one of the main tasks of modern researchers is not only to preserve the monuments of Asia as a cultural and historical heritage of the past, but also to create the conditions for the opportunity to convey knowledge about them to a wider audience.

China: a monument to the "Center of Asia"

After all, if we talk about the history of China, the greatness of such an architectural monument, as the Great Wall of China, simply amazes with its grandeur and genius of those masters who, having created it, foresaw its existence for many hundreds of years. At the same time, to no lesser extent, affects the funeral complex of the emperor Qin-Shihuandi, who lived in the year 200 BC. In more popular historical literature, this burial is known as the "terracotta" army, consisting of more than eight thousand warriors molded from clay and never repeated in its display. And if we add to this the found six hundred terracotta horses and more than two hundred such chariots, then each of us is simply struck by the genius and diligence of those unknown masters who created this man-made miracle. Proceeding from this, it is probably not for nothing that according to one version the monument of the "Center of Asia", established in China, in the town of Jungfen, which is in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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