No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel

No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel

In 1990, in this island country like Fiji situated beautiful hotel Wakaya Club. Throughout its existence, the hotel was able to get the appreciation not only guests – but also get valuable rewards. To order a hotel room, for example, a double, it will cost you no less than two million dollars.

No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel 2

What is most interesting is that it is a simple number, without any intricacies. But if you want to relax on the full program, you can order a villa which is huge. But it will cost, almost three times more expensive. But what could be more valuable than the rest. In order to book hotel rooms in advance is necessary, as the rooms are simply grabbing on. Moreover, the minimum amount by which the room can be ordered, is five days.

No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel 3

Guests Wakaya Club hotels were such well-known actors like Michelle Pfeiffer, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. The hotel has a total of nine cottages. By the way for those who do not like to be on holiday without phones and TVs, this hotel is not for you. Since the hotel does not have neither one nor the other. For guests offers a large selection of books, a field to play tennis and golf. For lovers of water, you can scuba dive, or just soak up the sun.

No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel 4

For those who like to spend time not only with the benefit, but tasteful, you can visit the restaurant, which is located in a palm grove, the open air. To know the exact cost of a future trip, you can visit the site of the hotel, where there is a special calculator. This is done to tourists was much easier to calculate their costs. That is, we can say that this hotel is the ultimate dream.

No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel 5

Even Celine Dion, who was here in 1994, admitted that she did not want to leave, that she almost burst into tears. So it is worth remembering that not only beauty can attract, but also just a normal vacation, where no one bothers you, do not need to worry about something, etc. It should just enjoy life.

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