Tseyskoe Gorge, North Ossetia

Tseyskoe Gorge, North Ossetia Tseyskoe Gorge, North Ossetia

Already more than a dozen years Tseyskoe Gorge enjoys an excellent reputation and popularity among ordinary travelers who although acquainted with the charms of the North and South Caucasus, as well as among those who enjoy skiing and mountaineering. So in particular, the ski season in Zeh opened at the beginning of December and ends in late April, when the snow loses not only its height, but also to become more loose and «severe» for the descent of the mountain.

Tseyskoe Gorge North Ossetia 2

However, for skiing here is pretty reasonable elevation changes similar to those that can be observed in the Alps. On average, it is depending on the route difference is more than 900 meters, which is enough to get a good healthy dose of adrenaline and lots of fun. And if we add to this a fairly good infrastructure consisting of several lifts, a tourist base and a number of restaurants and cafes, the holiday skiing or skateboards can be memorable.

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In general, geologically, Tseyskoe gorge was formed by conjugation of two Caucasian ridges: Tseyskogo Kalperovskogo and that are located in the Central Caucasus and is a horseshoe-shaped, rock formation, because of what is sometimes called the valley Tseyskoe Tseyskoy horseshoe mountains. In the same region, and it is no less famous Tseyskoe glacier.

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It is worth noting that Tseyskoe Gorge treat alpine tourist centers, as the lower part (the village Buron) located at 1300 meters above sea level and the highest point of the mountain gorges Uipata rises above the sea already at a height of 4646 meters. This is just the way that Tseyskoe gorge with no less success can relax and mountaineers.

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And if you decide to go precisely in this region of the Central Caucasus, your journey is best to start with Pyatigorsk, then your route is through Nalchik, Ardon and Alagir, and there to gorge already at hand.

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