Not to be lost in Japan

Not to be lost in Japan Not to be lost in Japan

Japan, is a lively country in which it is easy enough to get lost, but if previously acquainted with the rules, then everything will be all right. And so, before landing in Japan, you need to know more about for the transport of the country. In Japan, a lot of the railways and their destinations are completely different. Because lost in one way or another station is very easy. For example, in the Tokyo subway has 13 lines.

Not to be lost in Japan 2

There is also a Japanese roads that are not only neighbors, but also to distant neighborhoods. In order to take a ride in the subway or railway tickets are needed to fly each time separately. Accordingly, the ticket price will be different.

Not to be lost in Japan 3

When a tourist for the first time falls in the Japanese subway or railway, it may be lost. Although, oddly enough signs hang in English, but where and how to travel is still not clear. Therefore, the tourist can feel yourself uncomfortable, if not lost. But good, there are special information centers, which help to deal with the situation.

Not to be lost in Japan 4

Also, you can not pay attention to the fact that most bikes use. Here the road is much better than in any other country, because to compare not even worth it. That is, if tourists need somewhere to get, then use the bike better. It is also important that there are no such people in Tokyo who would steal. Of course, at first, it seems that it is simply impossible, but as practice shows, this is actually the case. Unusually for such a huge country, but it is a proven fact.

Not to be lost in Japan 5

That is, we can now conclude that before go to Japan, you should, as a tourist, to get acquainted with each route that you just might need. First of all, you protect yourself from trouble, and secondly, you'll know the terrain and where you need to be sent. This is the first and most important rule is that you must make before you travel.

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