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Hotel Desert Lotus singing in the desert Syanshavan

Gobi Desert – is the largest in Asia. It consists of several relatively small areas, one of which, in Syanshavan desert, among the singing sands, dismissed their white petals hotel «Desert Lotus». At first glance, it might seem purely logically, that the desert is not the most suitable place for a carefree holiday.Hotel Desert Lotus singing in the desert Syanshavan 2

Lotus Hotel is located in 563 km from Beijing, far from the large cities and the coast, in the heart of the desert. Near the small town of Bato, which produces more than half the world’s supply of rare minerals. The combination of desert-resort is not the best, but it is at first glance, as a Chinese company to build this hotel competently solved many problems associated with it.
Hotel Desert Lotus singing in the desert Syanshavan 3

Desert Lotus feature is that it does not have a traditional foundation, and its construction is not used any water or cement. The hotel is built on flat ground, a metal that is filled with sand. This makes the structure stable, like the ballast in the boat. The walls and ceiling are made from a mixture of the same with sand. Sheds, resembling sails, significantly reducing power consumption, and most importantly, this principle gives this property a feeling alien.
Hotel Desert Lotus singing in the desert Syanshavan 4

Designers at work, tried to keep the local flavor, it can be seen on the interior design, where local natural materials have been used. Wall coverings, for example, in the hotel «Lotus» made of sand, and decorate them with various minerals, which are mined in the desert.
Hotel Desert Lotus singing in the desert Syanshavan 5

Guests of the hotel can take pleasure in riding a camel, as there are a variety of attractions, such as surfing on the dunes. Group yoga classes, do not leave anyone indifferent, and costumed presentation of the indigenous population will remain long in the memory of tourists.

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