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Resorts Asia

North Island Hotel Seychelles

North Island Hotel is located in the Seychelles. This four-star hotel is renowned for its comfort, because as the number proposed here is not a sample apartment and a house, which in turn may be on the island. For example, the cheapest room, which is in the hotel, the tourist will cost about 3 million

No phone and TV rest. Wakaya Club hotel

In 1990, in this island country like Fiji situated beautiful hotel Wakaya Club. Throughout its existence, the hotel was able to get the appreciation not only guests – but also get valuable rewards. To order a hotel room, for example, a double, it will cost you no less than two million dollars. What is most

Relax on the hotel Turtle Island Turtle Island

Hotel Turtle Island, which is located on an island named Turtle, the most famous in Fiji. The name of the island translates as «Turtle». For those who have never seen the lagoon, and even more so blue, they should start the journey here. In addition, the glory of the island and bring the most pure

The underwater restaurant Ithaa

Probably everyone at least once been in a restaurant in my life. But not everyone can imagine a restaurant that is not on the ground, under water, at a depth of 5 meters. It may be only 14, because in order to get there, you will need to make arrangements in advance. That is, it

Oasis Bay South in Singapore

Fantastic, unique and simply fabulous – only such epithets architectural magazines around the world praise the landscape-recreational zone Bay South. Landscape area’s largest, landscaped oasis in the city center of Singapore, the area of over 50 hectares. Concept oasis developed a great team of designers, architects and engineers, but the general designer was chosen by

Venice in Madinat Jumeirah

One of the most prestigious resorts in Dubai is the Madinat Jumeirah. It is located along the beach near the hotel Burj Al Arab and the famous artificial island of Palm Jumeirah. Due to the same layout, numerous channels, which are located on the shores of an exclusive low-rise buildings and villas, elegant gardens, this

Let`s go to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a country which does not leave indifferent virtually anyone in the world, but not everyone can accept this and understand. Those tourists who have been in Sri Lanka can be divided into several groups. Some argue that the second time to go there and meaningless to those who want to go back there

Hotel Desert Lotus singing in the desert Syanshavan

Gobi Desert – is the largest in Asia. It consists of several relatively small areas, one of which, in Syanshavan desert, among the singing sands, dismissed their white petals hotel «Desert Lotus». At first glance, it might seem purely logically, that the desert is not the most suitable place for a carefree holiday. Lotus Hotel

The most beautiful city is Shanghai

Shanghai City, which is located in China, was built in the Yangtze Delta, and at this point, it is considered the most beautiful city, which is on our planet. If you think of Shanghai, the memory pops up a large number of skyscrapers, advertisements, that sparkle everywhere, hotels, shops and restaurants. But the city is