Clay Sculpture Park in Phoenix city

Twenty-eight July 1976 at three forty-two minutes in the morning there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale. It destroyed seven percent of the ten buildings for industrial and ninety-three per cent of residential buildings. Damage increased by the fact that the earthquake occurred in the seismic zone of a weak character, the stability of most of the buildings were not very large.

Clay Sculpture Park in Phoenix city 2

The disaster occurred at night, when many were asleep and without foreshocks. According to official statistics the number of deaths has reached hundred five people, but there are experts who believe that killing a few times more. After the disaster of Tangshan was completely restored, and he was nicknamed “Phoenix City”.

Clay Sculpture Park in Phoenix city 3

In Tangshan City of Hebei Province recently appeared sight – out of clay sculpture park, which is unique because in the world there is such made on such a scale and material, in addition to the number of statues reached several thousand.

Clay Sculpture Park in Phoenix city 4

The area of the estate in the sixty-three hundred meters, all the pieces are composed of people, horses or buildings made of clay in the ratio of two to three of the original size. The modern, talented sculptor Shipina Qin was the author of this project. After he looked at a series of paintings “Along the River” Song Dynasty artist Zhang Zera inspiration came to him. The paintings depicted diverse life in China with all the real color.

Clay Sculpture Park in Phoenix city 5

The thought occurred to Qin in 2005, but he began to realize the plan only in 2008. Opening planned for beginning of the Qingming Festival, which is what happened. During this period the work on sculptures was carried out three people, together with the author, the author himself financed the “construction site”. Qin hoped to earn thanks to visitors, which is quite natural, and in those who would overlook the attraction, there was no release.

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