Fountain of Wealth

Singapore is a place where everyone wants to go, but not everyone can do it. Although if you try, you can get here at a good tour. After all, every tourist operator wants his company was successful.

Fountain of Wealth 2

But we have strayed a little about the subject, because we are interested in the city itself, not the method of arriving there. And so, when you arrive in Singapore on the first day do not need to immediately rush to visit all the attractions in one fell swoop. You can just walk around and explore the city. Near the biggest shopping center of Singapore, is a Fountain of Wealth.

Fountain of Wealth 3

This fountain was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, because it is just huge. But, interestingly, some tourists might just miss him and pass him. And all this because some do not even realize that this building is the largest fountain. It was constructed from several fountains, that is, one external, the other internal.

Fountain of Wealth 4

The outer ring is made of a material such as bronze and means harmony and equality of all the people of Singapore. A second ring is a symbol of the universe. What’s interesting is that the supply of water in the fountain corresponds to Feng Shui. The fountain is turned four times a day, since it is made a special schedule. In order to come to the fountain you have to walk through a shopping mall, on the road you can find a swimming pool, which contains fish. This place is not just a pleasure, but also to spend time quietly.

Fountain of Wealth 5

And if you look at it in the evening, you will see a beautiful laser show is mesmerizing and does not easily pass. This is what you can do on the first day and the rest of the time can be devoted to sightseeing, of which there are quite a lot. So visit Singapore and enjoy your vacation.

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