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The library of Alexandria

Those who care about the culture of Egypt, at least interested in it, and no doubt aware of the fact that there is the Library of Alexandria, as it was called in Egypt, ancient era, and were going to continue to meet the great minds of modern times, is considered one of the centers of pilgrimage in the scientific worldwide.The library of Alexandria 2


The original building, unfortunately, destroyed. As an international organization, UNESCO could not prevent the absolute loss of the building, which has centuries-old landmarks of history, so it was decided to make its reconstruction. Already in 2002, the world presented the new building of the Library of Alexandria. The project was supported by UNESCO in Egypt, Europe and many Arab states. Reconstruction of the library was carried out accordingly designed by architects from Norway. It lasted for seven years.

The library of Alexandria 3

Avant-garde building of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina looks for a new principle. The structure of many who has no association with the drum of gigantic size, the roof is made of aluminum and glass can be compared in size to a couple of fields to play football. Little need to tell you about the wall on the outside of the library, which bears many ancient and modern alphabets.

The library of Alexandria 4

What applies to the interior, the significant part is a large room for reading, for which the administration has acquired the painting. Storage for books, where there is more than eight million volumes, is in the library of the underground. But as the appearance and disappearance of this majestic libraries are shrouded in mystery. Only know what led to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina competition and other centers of science at the time, but specifically, Library of Pergamum.

The library of Alexandria 5

But the amount of material that stores the Library of Alexandria (seven million scrolls of papyrus), was simply out of reach for the rest of the «science centers» in those days. There are stories that local rulers had the desire to complete his collection of all the price: they even sent soldiers arrived on ships that are searched for the presence of fresh manuscripts.

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