Alanya is a popular holiday destination for many Russian tourists. This resort combines warm sea, clean beaches, local flavor and the centuries-old history of Turkey. But this is not all. The organization of tours and the plan of the program of rest is thought up literally up to trifles that allows tourists to enjoy long-awaited vacation at an affordable price. Thus, a trip to Alanya is a great opportunity to make your vacation interesting and eventful.

Holidays in Turkey, Alanya

The resort is located on the Mediterranean coast, but its undoubted plus is that the nearest airport in the city of Antalya is only 140 km long. The city dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks, who built Alanya. True, originally the city was called the Caracession and was a haven of corsairs, which plundered the Mediterranean ships. With the arrival of the Romans, the city was completely cleared of pirates and given into the possession of Cleopatra. A little later, Alanya became part of the Byzantine Empire.

From these empires the city inherited an amazing architecture, such as, for example, a 13th-century fortress erected here on the orders of Sultan Kay-Kubad. Another local attraction – the ancient museum – is located directly under the open sky. From here, vacationers have a wonderful panorama of the boundless Mediterranean Sea.

Holidays in Alanya

Planning a holiday in Turkey in Alanya, first of all, you need to take into account the weather forecast. As a result of the fact that the city is surrounded on the one hand by the mountain range, and on the other by the sea, a special microclimate is created, thanks to which Alanya is the warmest resort in all of Turkey. Even in winter, the temperature does not fall below +15 degrees. The season for rest opens early enough – from the end of April and lasts until late autumn. The temperature is +35 degrees during the beach season in Alanya – a common thing.

There are no problems with finding a place of residence in the resort, hotels in Turkey are easy to choose at their own will, but at the same time there are many budget options. Each hotel or hotel has its own site intended for recreation and a team of animators who are ready to diversify the leisure of tourists.

From Antalya airport to Alanya, with an interval of half an hour, regular bus services run. Rest in Alanya is also good because you can plan a trip by ferry to North Cyprus. But for this you need to take care of the tickets in advance and provide passport data for their registration.



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