Fairy Bridge through Buliu – Karst Fairy Bridge in Guasin

Among the many facilities that are in one way or another connects the two banks, some river or canyon, mostly present constructions made by the will of man. And the history of mankind is replete with examples of such unique architecture. And this is the famous Tower of London – the bridge that connected the two banks of the Thames in the heart of the British capital.

Fairy Bridge through Buliu Karst Fairy Bridge in Guasin 2

And that is the Golden Gate Bridge, which became a symbol of the American San Francisco, not to mention the Crimean bridge, a few sad symbol of the capital of the Russian Federation.
However, among this rather long series of personal names and geographical names apart is the Fairy Bridge is located near the center of China’s provinces Guasin. This bridge is a natural product of nature, when a fairly rough river Buliu a few thousand years ago, just cut through karst, limestone mountain, thus forming a grandiose natural arch.
Fairy Bridge through Buliu Karst Fairy Bridge in Guasin 3

The total length of this unique structure erected by the very nature of a little over 130 meters. However, at an altitude of 71 meters, the bridge Fairy (Fairy Bridge) looks quite grand, especially when taken, sailing under the arch of the tourist boat.
In addition, it is worth noting a fact that the bridge Fei almost was not known to the world community and is a pure Chinese cultural heritage. A pioneer Fairy Bridge for the world was English explorer and traveler Jay Wilbur.
Considering satellite internet map search service Google, he drew attention to some of the natural formation located on the river Buliu forty Fairy Bridge through Buliu Karst Fairy Bridge in Guasin 4

kilometers north-west of the provincial center of Fengshan. Make sure that the Chinese guidebooks on the region, there is no description of any mining facilities Jay Wilbur decided to organize an expedition to the area is China. With this in mind, in 2010 for the world community and it opened the now famous bridge.

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