Attractions Asia

Attractions Asia

Attractions in Asia

Probably many Asian sights are associated with China. Moreover, in this country there is still much under the ban for tourists and this is exactly what attracts travelers who, under various pretexts, still manage to visit some interesting places in Asia.

China Wall and other Asian attractions

As we know, quite often China is associated with many of us with such concepts as "the most." In particular, this is the largest number of people on our planet and the largest fortress wall in the world - the Chinese one, which is rightly considered to be the most outstanding sight of Asia.

In the beginning, there is a bit of history and interesting facts about this Asian landmark. First of all, it should be noted that this is practically the only facility that can be observed from space without special optical devices. And this is not surprising, because with its length of 6,350 kilometers, it is quite difficult not to notice it with an armed eye from a distance several times smaller than its length. In addition, it is quite an ancient structure, the wall began to build in the III century BC under the reign of the Chinese emperor Qin Shi-huandi. And the main motive for the construction of this landmark of East Asia was the incessant war of China with its northern neighbors by nomads, who, with a large number of riders, constantly inflicted great damage to the Chinese empire.

Sights of East Asia

However, in addition to its magnificence and symbol of power, the Great Wall of China is the embodiment of the grief and suffering of the Chinese people. After all throughout its construction, and this is not one decade, hundreds of thousands of slave laborers, Chinese peasants and guilty soldiers who died on its construction and walled in its foundation worked on its construction. By giving the souls of the dead also had to protect the wall, as well as the entire Chinese empire from enemies and invaders. As far as it was possible to judge difficultly, as historians note, for many nomadic peoples with whom China fought, the Great Wall of China remained unassailable. In addition to this throughout this man-made miracle, there are many interesting places that can be defined not only as Chinese, but as a common world heritage and attractions of East Asia.

Great Wall of China today

Having stood not one hundred years, today the Great Wall of China is undoubtedly related to one of the most recognized sights of Asian countries and it is almost impossible to meet a traveler who visiting the Middle Kingdom did not bother to visit the Great Wall of China.

However, we have just told you about only one of Asia's attractions. And how many more interesting things await you in Japan and India, Cambodia and Micronesia, Turkey and Israel and many other countries. Start your journey from the pages of our portal about tourism and leisure, and maybe your next vacation will be more vivid and memorable.

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