Tottori Flower Park

Tottori Flower Park Tottori Flower Park

Coming to Japan, be sure to take time off to visit the beautiful park of flowers Tottori. It was opened in 1994 and now, all year round, it is possible to observe a great number of flowers, vegetables, etc. If you appreciate not only the simplicity of nature, but also beauty, this park was created just for you.

Tottori Flower Park 2

The park is 50 hectares, it is specially divided into several areas. Here you can see a variety of compositions which were made from flowers, vegetables and other scrap materials that fascinate at first glance. What's interesting is that in the park, you will not see any fences, because here everything is open for everyone. That is, you can safely go up to any song and touch her. But interestingly, yet none of the visitor did not touch them.

Tottori Flower Park 3

It is also important that the park every year changes its appearance. That is, there are planted new species of plants, flowers and vegetables, which makes the composition unique and inimitable. Many locals come here just to sit on the grass and enjoy. Some take along sandwiches and sitting on the grass chewed. A unique spectacle. The park is so quiet that, coming here, you just open your soul.

Tottori Flower Park 4

Flower Park, a unique place that wants to visit not only because it is beautiful, but also because there is calm, you can relax and just enjoy nature. Here you will find for yourself, as it were, naively as it may sound, a piece of his soul. This part was torn in such a beautiful place, she wanted to visit him since birth. What could be more beautiful than this holiday.

Tottori Flower Park 5

Send all the impressions that you get from a trip to Japan, and especially in a park, just not possible. Such moments, you only need to see. And just seeing, you will love this place forever.

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