Kamphaeng Phet town – a historical nook of Thailand

Kamphaeng Phet town is a striking sight of Thailand that you will remember it forever. The town is located in the North of the country; it was founded in the fifteenth century. The centre of the national park with the same name was known as a satellite town in the middle ages. The aim of the tourists that are coming to Thailand is to go to Kamphaeng Phet, as in the town you may see not only the medieval ruins, but also visit pagodas of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods.

Kamphaeng Phet town  a historical nook of Thailand 2

The famous town is divided into two parts. The first one – is a famous park Aranyik The second part is called by the locals – the Old Town. In the Old Town you may find a museum surrounded by beautiful temples, which previously were the parts of a palace that didn’t remain up to this time. The town is circled by a hexagon wall 2 kilometers long.

Kamphaeng Phet town  a historical nook of Thailand 3

The second historical part of Kamphaeng Phet is about five kilometers far from the town walls. There you may see not less than 40 wonderful monuments. The most famous are Aranyik ruins and temples that are extant since antiquity times. The temple Wat-Phra-Boroma-That, built in Burman style is not neglected by the tourists as well.

Kamphaeng Phet town  a historical nook of Thailand 4

The territory, where the town is located, is very interesting. On the one hand, it is a territory, covered by forest, and, on the other hand, there are wonderful gardens. Infrastructure matches architecture and landscape, as the settlement has numerous hotels and a street market, where you may buy whatever you need. Kamphaeng Phet will definitely fit those people who are fond of antiquity and want to combine their rest with studying the historical heritage.

Kamphaeng Phet town  a historical nook of Thailand 5

It not a surprise that Kamphaeng Phet town is a unique example of Middle-age architecture, also it is included in the UNESCO world heritage list, as, in one place, it assembles so much different monuments representing diverse styles of that period.

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