“Nematrasny” rest in the Altai 2016

Mountainous Altai is a unique place not only on the map of Russia, but also for the whole world. Due to the fact that the density of the population in this region is rather low, many natural sites remained virtually untouched. Today in this area actively develops tourism, agencies lure clients with stunning photos with

Holidays in Indonesia

The Indian and Pacific Oceans are separated by the largest archipelago, a beautiful island state. Rest in Indonesia is truly unique and exotic. Travelers will enjoy the pristine beaches with snow-white sand. Beaches surrounded by volcanic ridges that rise above magnificent tropical forests and green slopes. What is attractive for a holiday in Indonesia? First

Holidays in Japan

Despite the hackneyed phrase “country of the rising sun”, but by and large, we will not go anywhere, from the real, geographical location of this country, as well as its national and historical features. With this in mind, rest in Japan also has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account when planning its

Holidays in Bali

Bali is a paradise on Earth. It is unlikely that today there will be a person who would never have heard of this resort on the territory of Indonesia. Rest in Bali is a dream of many – it’s a fact. The land, surrounded on all sides by water in the Malay Archipelago, has been

Holidays in Thailand

Rest in Thailand has one characteristic feature, which consists in the fact that the whole variety of tourist service presented in this country has long been put on a purely commercial basis. And having in your pocket a little currency in this country you can afford quite a lot. Exotics of Southeast Asia and rest

Invitation to Vietnam for a visa

Going on vacation, we always have time to think about where we will go to rest. You can go to Europe and buy a tour to Montenegro, and enjoy the beauty of the Balkan Peninsula. Feel the good nature of the hosts and listen to a rather amusing but Slavic speech … And you can

Holidays in Egypt

Vacation – it’s always good and always want to spend it somehow in a special way. The possibility is not ruled out that nowhere on our planet rest on modern resorts is combined with an interesting excursion schedule and easily accessible prices, like a holiday in Egypt. It is for this reason that tours to


Alanya is a popular holiday destination for many Russian tourists. This resort combines warm sea, clean beaches, local flavor and the centuries-old history of Turkey. But this is not all. The organization of tours and the plan of the program of rest is thought up literally up to trifles that allows tourists to enjoy long-awaited


In modern lexicon, the word Palmyra, has long been a household name, as a characteristic of a prosperous city. And to date, in addition to the fact that North Palmyra is called St. Petersburg, and southern Palmyra is Odessa, there are still a dozen cities in the world that bear this glorious name. Palmyra, already