The building of architect Toyo Ito

Expression – “Architecture should not be frozen music,” says Japanese architect Toyo Ito, a newly-laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Prize. His buildings are called “timeless”, they are marked by the “air and wind” prevailing in them and the magnificent game of forms. is a news site in the world of tourism and travel, gathered […]

15 best visa-free countries, where there is always summer

Set-travel continues to talk about the news of tourism and travel, about the most popular places, for travelers and tourists around the world. We have chosen the 15 best visa-free countries, where it’s always summer, always warm and at any time of the year you can go to rest. Below, you can see photos and […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

One of the well-known – the research division of the publication The Economist in 2012 published a rating – The most expensive cities in the world, in which Moscow did not find a place among the most expensive cities. The first place, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, became the city – Tokyo. Life in […]

Top 10 most expensive cities in the world in 2012

Top 10 most expensive cities in the world and the most expensive city in the world in 2012. Rating of expensive cities in the world in 2012 with their photos. Want to travel to the most popular countries in the world or move to live abroad? Then you definitely need to first choose the city […]

Top 10 best beaches in the world

The Seychelles Seychelles is considered one of the most photogenic beaches in the world, pale sands with a pink shade of Anse Source d’Argent beach stretch across the island of La Digue, one of the 115 islands of this group in the Indian Ocean. Brilliant sand against the background of rising granite blocks, depleted by […]

Luxury hotel will be built at an altitude of 2 thousand meters

In plans for the next year in Oman, it is proposed to open a chic hotel in which everything will be on top – the quality of service, the kitchen and even the hotel itself Alila Jabal Akhdar. The only such hotel in this form plans to open a chain of luxury hotels Alila Hotels […]

10 best places in the world, where it is worth to be born in 2013

America is a country of opportunities, Russia is a generous soul, but both of these countries are not included in the top ten countries for birth. Analytical company EIU has deduced the quality of life index in various countries of the world, based on 11 factors, including welfare, crime rate, family life, loyalty to the […]

Novelty – a miracle hotel in Dubai has opened the doors for tourists

The UAE, and Dubai in particular, is one of the main destinations for Russians not only for recreation and shopping, but also for business meetings and useful contacts. Many people who want miracles, warmth of the sea, exotic, profitable shopping, luxurious hotel, impeccable service and business negotiations formed at the highest level are sent here. […]

Top 10 best in the world waiting rooms in airports

Longer flights even in the best planes – the occupation is rather tedious. As a result, comfortable waiting rooms will do just fine. We will tell you about the best of them. In the tenth place Waiting room Qantas Airways (Australia’s largest airline) at Sydney Airport will be pleased with a vertical garden about 30 […]