Red Square – the main square of Russia

Red Square is the main square of the city of Moscow and all of Russia. Its appearance is explained by the fact that by the fifteenth century, the walls of the Kremlin could no longer accommodate new, increasingly emerging objects, which there were many. The square is located at the eastern Kremlin wall. To date, […]

Shrine of Pskov

Everyone who once had to visit the glorious Russian city of Pskov knows that his visiting card is the Kremlin, or as it is called here – Krom. It is not by chance that all such ancient buildings are known far from their location. It unites such buildings, one common feature – they were all […]

The Golden Monastery of the Buddha Shakyamuni

It can be said without exaggeration that one of the largest Buddhist temples in Russia and Europe, is located in the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, the city of Elista. It was opened in December two thousand and five. For residents of Kalmykia, a new temple, is a symbol of the republic and a […]

Uralvagonzavod is an enterprise that produces both wagons and tanks

The history of the formation of Uralvagonzavod, originates from the time of the first five-year plans of the young state, the Soviet Union. More precisely, the first stone of this grandiose enterprise was laid in the marshy places of the impassable Ural taiga, one hundred and forty kilometers from Sverdlovsk, in 1931. After that, in […]

The symbol of Samara is the temple of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus

Who likes to travel the world, and especially in Russia, he, of course, visited the glorious, primordially Russian city of Samara. And, of course, strolling through the streets of this beautiful city, could not help but see the magnificent temple of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus, which is executed in the Gothic style. Catholic […]

Tristan da Cunha

The Tristan da Cunha Archipelago is located in the most southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, and is part of the British maritime territory, as well as the islands of the Ascension and St. Helena. It, as well as the islands of Pitcairn and Easter Island, is the most remote inhabited place on Earth. The […]

Weeping rock with a beautiful history

The waterfall, even the smallest, looks quite picturesque. And in the Bulkanak valley of the Crimea, the waterfall begins its flow directly from the thickness of the stones. In the autumn and spring seasons, the water flows from the stones with a leisurely little stream of rocks and cracks, creating the illusion of a weeping […]

Crimean mountain Ak-Kaya

An interesting place, the White Rock or as it is also called Ak-Kaya Rock, is located in the Crimea near the village of White Rock, since it was called until 1848, after which it was renamed. It is not only a vertical, but also a rocky wall, completely white, towering above the river Biyuk-Karasu. The […]