The highest peak of the Urals is Mount Folk

For lovers of traveling around the world, as well as in the vast Russian expanses, I would like to tell you about the highest mountain of the Urals with the seemingly simple name of Narodnaya. Why seemingly? Yes, because the debate about how correctly to put stress in its name is popular or narodnaya are […]

Donskoy Monastery of the Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow

As the legend says, on the eve of the Battle of Kulikovo, a detachment of Don Cossacks from the Sirotinsky town arrived in the camp of Russian troops to Moscow prince Dmitry. The Cossacks, instead of the banner, carried in front of them the icon of the Mother of God, raised from the church of […]

One of the largest parks in the world is the Yugyd-Va reserve

Just destructive actions of a person lead to irreparable consequences and irreversible processes in nature. For example, as the disappearance of some species of animals or the drying up of rivers, seas, climate change, etc. These circumstances still made the inhabitants of the Earth think about the future of the planet and take care of […]

Feature of the mountain Man-Pupu-Ner in the Pechoro-Ilychsky Reserve

Ural Mountains are mountains that constantly attract scientists and all, someone visits them, exploring and exploring, something new for science, and someone comes here to enjoy the unique beauty of this region, which can be called the edge of contrasts. The place, which will be discussed below, is located on the territory of the Pechoro-Ilychsky […]

Capital city Moscow

Among many cities located in the space between the Urals and the Channel, Moscow has a special history, which stands out for its dramatic and unpredictable nature. Appearing in ancient written documents in the twelfth century, Moscow for two centuries turned into the capital of a powerful Russian state, and today this metropolis personifies the […]

Ural rocks of seven brothers

The Middle Urals is different in that it has many beautiful and picturesque places. One of these places is the Seven Brothers. In shape, these rocks remind us very much of the Rock Chertovo Gorodische, but there is a difference in them. That is, if it is possible to climb to the Gorodische without special […]

The Ural Mountains, Big Taganay, Response Stone

The Mountain of the Response Stone is in the Urals in the system of the peaks of the Great Taganka. This mountain, the second in height, after the mountain Kruglitsa. There is another name – Response Crest and, as it turned out, both names are not accidental. And all because when you approach the mountain, […]

The Northern Capital of the Russian State – St. Petersburg

The northern capital of the Russian state – St. Petersburg is located in the north-west of the Russian Federation on the shores of the Gulf of Finland and was founded in 1703 by the Russian emperor Perth I and with his easy hand for almost twenty years was the capital of the Russian Empire. To […]

Myths and history of the Russian State

Despite the fact that the history of the Russian State has more than one millennium, or even two, about the historical past of our state, and to this day, there are quite a few absurd rumors and prejudices. And if the myths and misconceptions that bears are running around the streets of Moscow, while drunk […]