Shiryaevskie adits: decoration and mystery of Zhigulevsky mountains

Among those who at least once traveled along the Volga, undoubtedly, were to visit the so-called Shiryaevskie galleries, which are located in one of the picturesque places of the Zhiguli mountains. Before successful extraction of Shiryaev limestone, now it has become a history and now the system of amazing grottoes and caves has evolved, which […]

Molebsky Triangle, as the first anomalous zone of Russia

The anomaly of this small territory, located near the village of Molebka, which is in the Sverdlovsk region, has been known since the days when near the village worked steelmaking plants of the famous industrialist Demidov. At the same time, for the indigenous people of Mansi who lived on this territory, these places have been […]

Resurrection of the “Holy Caves” of Orenburg

Although in the territory of modern Russia there are not a few places marked by holiness and piety, the Holy caves of Orenburg region have a slightly different character and stand on a par with such shrines of the Russian Orthodox Church as temples and monastery on the Solovetsky Islands, Optina Pustyn or Diveevo.   […]

All the same Kiev

It is clear that in one small article not to talk about this great city, because it was from here that Russia began. But nevertheless you can draw your attention to it … Despite the fact that Kiev for all its history has repeatedly changed its official status as the capital of Ukraine or the […]

Odessa catacombs

A unique paleontological and geological monument that can tell about the ancient geological past of the entire region – Odessa catacombs are not only a visiting card and the largest attraction of the city of Odessa. Most of the modern image of the catacombs is associated with the Great Patriotic War, when they served as […]

Pripyat – the zone of alienation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

After the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe that led to the evacuation of the whole city, Pripyat became the personification of the development prospects of mankind with a negligent attitude to modern technologies related to nuclear energy. At the same time to date, the very abandoned city has become a tourist Mecca, for many fans of extreme […]

Hello Dedushka Moroz! A beard made of cotton?

Today New Year will come to every house, Santa Claus will come and, looking at the festive Christmas tree, will congratulate us on the holiday, well, and certainly make happy with the gift … But who is this Grandfather, why and why the Christmas tree, and what is the point in her attire? And, where […]

The lake, located on a hill – Turgoyak

As it does not seem strange, but the Chelyabinsk region continues to amaze many travel enthusiasts with its unique places that are worthy to visit at least once or become a permanent resting place. According to many, it is precisely to these reserved places that the largest in the Chelyabinsk region is the freshwater lake […]

The Uvan fountain, as one more, a unique wonder of the world

Among the many natural phenomena that are more or less accessible to travelers, as a rule, the greatest impression is caused by the contemplation of burning flames and water. In this regard, many travelers plan their routes in such a way as to enjoy the spectacle of exactly such a plan.   And if volcanic […]

Moscow Men’s Monastery of Donskoy

One of the real architectural adornments of Moscow is rightly considered to be the male Donskoy monastery, one of the oldest centers of Russian Orthodoxy. And, in spite of the fact that his history has been counted for more than one century, he is carrying out quite a lot of cultural and educational work. And […]