“Forest song” of Truskavets

The popularity of the resort zone located on the outskirts of the Ukrainian Truskavets is largely explained by the presence in this region not only of the unique nature of this Carpathian region, where the presence of magnificent mountain air provides coniferous and deciduous forests, but also the unique source of Naftusya mineral water. Which […]

Mini-hotel “Natalie” – a quiet corner of Krasnodar

Traveling around the Krasnodar Territory and getting acquainted with its historical sights, any of the travelers will not use the opportunity to stay in the capital of this region, the city of Krasnodar. At the same time, a significant part of the guests of this city are not idly curious tourists and travelers from the […]

Tourism as a sphere of risks in the field of intellectual property

We have been living in a world not for the first year, where both private and public property prevails in the economy. However, we do not cease to be surprised when we read in the media that world brands are beginning to argue, passing into multimillion-dollar lawsuits relating to their intellectual property. And although for […]

Interesting information for tourists in St. Petersburg

Hotels in St. Petersburg – a combination of comfort, service and comfort. The pricing policy of hotels in St. Petersburg is primarily flexible, so booking a room that meets your needs and preferences will not be difficult at all. Hotel “Moscow” – is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, near the Alexander Nevsky […]

If you want effective advertising in Krasnodar, cooperate with “Gravitation”

Many advertisers in Russia, whose products have long gone beyond a certain region, order advertising throughout the country. In this case, the advertiser needs to understand in which areas the method of advertising the goods will be most acceptable. They are used today for a huge amount, however, in the top, as before, remain:  television […]

Online insurance “Green Card” in Ukraine

A green card is a contract or, in other words, a policy of international character, an insurance of the civil liability of the car owner who travels outside his country. This is a binding paper, which acts on the territories of other countries, and in clarification in 47. In accordance with the current law, the […]

For you, Electron hotel near the Paveletskaya metro station

The metro area “Paveletskaya” is a very successful interchange of transport. From this part of Moscow for a small amount of time you can get to both the cultural and business districts of Moscow. There are many interesting hotels and hotels for staying here. But there is an option, which should be paid special attention. […]

Guides for foreign tourists

Interest in Russia in the world is growing. More and more people visit it as tourists. Naturally, the overwhelming majority of them do not speak Russian. Guides, even those compiled by professionals, can not provide exhaustive information about the city, sights, and museum that you visit. Moreover, Russia has a rich history, its own philosophy […]

Tour of Sevastopol

Sevastopol has a very rich history. For his long existence, he was twice wiped off the face of the earth, and every time, like the Sphinx, reborn from the ashes. Every tourist who arrives here must start his journey through the Hero City from the Count’s Wharf. This is one of the most important sights […]