The world in the focus of Sony lenses

To date, among many travelers, this kind of active recreation, namely safari, has got quite a wide distribution, but not with a hunting rifle, but with a good camera. At the same time, the world that opens to you through the camera lens becomes more open and accessible. The digital world of cameras Sony is […]

The world of museums of St. Petersburg

Despite the fact that St. Petersburg has long become a kind of Mecca of tourism and travel, many of those who have repeatedly visited this city, at the first opportunity try to return and once again feel this fascinating world of the Northern Capital of the Russian state. The world that opens this city If […]

Bicycles for travel

If any of us remembers, but in the days of the former Soviet Union, the choice of bicycles was rather limited. Both by their type and by the models presented. To date, the situation has changed radically and for any trip you can choose almost anything that you like. Bicycle tourism and travel in the […]

Tourism in the Krasnodar Territory

Despite the fact that most of our compatriots have a fairly large selection of winter holidays somewhere in Europe or more exotic countries, tourism in the Krasnodar region continues to be quite popular. Family tourism in the Krasnodar Territory The Krasnodar Territory, since the times of the Soviet Union, was deservedly popular as the All-Union […]

Traveling from Moscow to the Northern Capital of Russia

Depending on what you are traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg, you need to determine at the very beginning of this trip with the kind of transport that will best allow you to make this trip. Similar trips according to A.N. Radischeva The older generation probably remembers that in the school curriculum of the past […]

The world of credit cards from ATMs

No one today will argue that using a credit card is quite convenient, because the whole world has been using them for more than a decade. However, this topic has its own nuances, which everyone should know about who uses this banking service. When the world learned about a plastic credit card It so happened […]

Tourism and sightseeing of Kharkov

If you go to the south of Ukraine, towards its Black Sea coast, then in any case, the second capital of this state, you will hardly get round Kharkov bypass. It should be noted that tourism for this city is no less important direction of its development. Tourism is not only a business, but also […]

Traveling in Saint-Petersburg

Despite the fact that the Northern Capital of our Fatherland is well known to many travelers both from Russia and far abroad, but travels through this city always left the most bright and unforgettable impressions. Nevsky Prospekt, as the beginning of any trip to St. Petersburg If you first came to St. Petersburg, then in […]

Tourism and fishing on the banks of the Varzuga River

Despite some severity of this region, located near the White Sea itself, it attracts many domestic and foreign travelers, for whom tourism and real fishing have become a kind of sense of life and excellent pastime. Extreme tourism at the White Sea Basically, if we talk about the development of such a species in human […]