Holidays in Indonesia

The Indian and Pacific Oceans are separated by the largest archipelago, a beautiful island state. Rest in Indonesia is truly unique and exotic. Travelers will enjoy the pristine beaches with snow-white sand. Beaches surrounded by volcanic ridges that rise above magnificent tropical forests and green slopes. What is attractive for a holiday in Indonesia? First […]

Rest in France

France is a unique country. It is not only rich in various sights, but also due to special climatic conditions it is accessible for tourists practically all year round. If you want a holiday in France to please you with a mild climate, it’s better to go there in the autumn. Rest in France for […]

Holiday in Goa

Lovely sea, hot sun, endless beaches – all this awaits you in Goa. According to the legend, Goa was created by Lord Parasurama. A small piece of land between the sea and the mountains, he endowed a special mild climate and luxurious nature. Relaxation on Goa will allow you to enjoy serenity and have a […]

Holidays in Israel

Awesome country of Israel. It is located on a small space off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by deserts, forests and mountains. It is difficult to describe in a few words the rest in Israel. This is the magnificent beaches, and health resorts, and nature reserves, as well as city vanity. […]

Holiday in the Canary Islands

The tourist season in many European countries, as a rule, ends with the advent of autumn. But not in Spain, at this time, many tourists plan their vacation in the Canary Islands. Here is still excellent summer weather, but without scorching heat, a gentle sun, a small breeze and the same warm sea. Holidays in […]

Holidays in the USA

America has always attracted a huge number of tourists, which is not surprising, because in every state you can find for yourself something interesting and truly fascinating. Of course, going on vacation in the US is more difficult and more expensive than in any European country, but, for example, who does not dream to go […]

Holidays in Japan

Despite the hackneyed phrase “country of the rising sun”, but by and large, we will not go anywhere, from the real, geographical location of this country, as well as its national and historical features. With this in mind, rest in Japan also has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account when planning its […]

Holidays in Madagascar

The name of this island state, like the island itself, became quite known to the widest circles of the world community after the release of the animated film “Madagascar”, which happened in 2005. However, the rest in Madagascar, long before this time, belonged to the elite category of travel. Holidays in Madagascar This characteristic, this […]

Holidays in Bali

Bali is a paradise on Earth. It is unlikely that today there will be a person who would never have heard of this resort on the territory of Indonesia. Rest in Bali is a dream of many – it’s a fact. The land, surrounded on all sides by water in the Malay Archipelago, has been […]

Holidays in Finland

Winter country Finland is an interesting place for summer holidays. If you decide to visit the state in the North of Europe and prefer a vacation in June, you should know in advance all about the intricacies of such tourism, only then the rest in Finland will be memorable and interesting throughout the trip. Cool […]