Holiday in Malta

Malta is a wonderful country with a Mediterranean climate and entertainment for every taste. If you want to relax with the comfort of the sea – a holiday in Malta – this is what you need. Very often Malta goes with children. Thanks to the developed tourism, which provides a comfortable stay in Malta and […]

Where to go to have a rest with a small child

In every family in which there is a child, the question was raised – where to go to rest with a small child. Because almost all parents do not see the meaning of life without their child, his smiles, cunning faces, warm embraces and snoring of a sleeping angel. Almost all pediatricians repeat in one […]

Holidays in Germany

Holidays in the European countries in the autumn are a wonderful way to spend a vacation. You can not only enjoy the excursion program, but also have fun in bars. Germany is an ideal country for tourism and its guests have the opportunity to appreciate the ideal order in the country and the tremendous business […]

Holidays in Sri Lanka

Despite a somewhat comical comparison, but not devoid of a share of truth, but holidays in Sri Lanka are often compared to a great tea party. And although there is another mass of worthy entertainments at the resorts of this island state, but the fact that the former Ceylon, and now Sri Lanka, is the […]

Holidays in Kenya

Arriving at Nairobi International Airport, many of the tourists immediately immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what can be defined as a vacation in Kenya. After all, at the very first steps on this earth you feel the national spirit and color of this pretty amazing country, which is considered to be the “cradle” of […]

Holidays in Cyprus

So it turns out purely historically, but in the tourist history of our Motherland there are two main places of far abroad, which domestic tourists have mastered one of the first. First of all it was the famous Turkey, and in the second stage it was a holiday in Cyprus. Holiday in Cyprus is not […]

Holidays in Tunisia

If we interpret the words of the heroine of Nona Mordyukova from the blockbuster of the seventies “The Diamond Hand”, then with a great deal of confidence we can say that Tunisia really is a country of contrasts. And, rest in Tunisia has its charms and shortcomings, which, each of us can, feel on our […]

Holidays in Mexico

Existing stereotypes about this North American country are mostly built on those standard templates that Hollywood imposes on us or manufacturers of the same tequila. However, a real holiday in Mexico will radically change these standard cinematic templates. And for this it is only necessary to get together and the next charter to fly across […]

Holidays in Morocco

To a greater extent, this country, located in the North of the African continent, is known to us in such cities as Marrakech and Casablanca, quite large economic centers. And if you plan to spend a holiday in Morocco in these cities, in which the tourist infrastructure is also quite developed, then do not be […]

Holidays in the Czech Republic

As it may seem strange, but it is holidays in the Czech Republic that are one of the most popular and sought-after routes among a rather large number of domestic holiday fans in the economy class category, but at a service level of Europe. And as a confirmation of this conclusion, you can bring not […]