El Penion de Guatape and other attractions of South America

Travel anywhere always requires careful preparation. For example, if you are going fishing, and you can not find and buy the right clothes, then you will need the fabrics for renting Taslan, Dyuspo, Bonding. And if you want to visit the sights of South America, then the equipment should be appropriate … Attractions of South […]

Monuments of Europe dedicated to musicians

Visiting various cities and countries, tourists invariably explore the monuments of Europe, Asia and America. And so here rereading the stories and reviews of tourists, you can see how much exists in the world of monuments dedicated to talented singers and musicians. It can be like the idols of past centuries – Beethoven and Schubert, […]

Architectural sights of Europe

Even for a short time a person needs a house, such as a camping tent or trailers. But if a person chooses a permanent place of residence, then he needs a fortress. Some such buildings are real masterpieces and amaze with their forms. Architectural sights of Europe are becoming the visiting cards of cities and […]

The best rest in the world – in Karelia

When you first get to Karelia, you are surprised at how diverse and diverse it is. Monuments storing and reflecting the history of the northern people are combined with the natural charm and beauty of this northern land. And we can say that here is the best holiday in the world. What rest in the […]

Roman amphitheater

As a rule, when in a historical or fiction literature such a concept as the Roman Amphitheater is mentioned, many of us recall the history of the Roman Empire with its famous Eternal City and the Colosseum. Roman Amphitheater in North Africa In our years, studying the history of the ancient world in accordance with […]

Monastery of Ganin Yama

This place once used to be notorious, since it was here, a little less than a century ago in 1918, that everything that linked Russia to the monarchy was destroyed. The monastery of Ganin Yama is built on the remains of an abandoned mine, in which the remains of all members of the royal family […]

Featured Hotels

To date, visiting European popular hotels, you can not help wondering how they manage to furnish the rooms so much that they have absolutely no sense of someone else’s dwelling. It can not be said that in the hotels of Europe only modern furniture, by no means. Let’s reflect on why it is so important […]

Sleeping bags for trave

When going on a trip for a few days, you should always think over all the nuances, especially for overnight stays. Sleeping bags are an ideal solution for a comfortable and safe overnight stay. In fact, accommodations are about 35% of the time of the trip, and it is from quality rest and healthy sleep […]

Holiday in Malta

If you are tired of the city bustle from the endless noise of a huge metropolis, then the best place, like a holiday in Malta, you will not find. It seems that there is everything you want: attractions, beaches, diving and, of course, yacht rental. Best holiday in Malta It is really quiet quiet, serene […]

Emerald City

Among the many amazing cities in the world that attract tourists with their “appearance” is the emerald city of Chefchaouen (not in color but in form), located in the north-west of Morocco, and so called for the sky-blue color of its buildings. Where did this emerald city on the African continent come from? Some travel […]