Safe rest in Switzerland and not only

It’s hard not to agree that the security of the country in which it is planned to spend your vacation, for example, planning a vacation in Switzerland is the first thing the future traveler wants to be sure of. Therefore, before you collect your things and rush to a well-deserved rest, any of the tourists […]

Travel to Egypt

Egypt is a charming country on the Red Sea coast. And 80% of tourists arrive in this country, only for the sake of the sea. Traveling to Egypt is always filled with exciting impressions. Hot tours to Egypt from St. Petersburg or Moscow at any time of the year – this is an excellent prospect […]

Journey to the fairy tale

Lake Zyuratkul is a Ural pearl, located three hundred kilometers from Yekaterinburg. It is convenient to get there, if you choose a motel on the highway m5 for the night, and then make a trip. On the shore of the lake was built a fabulous recreation area – Kitova wharf. Fairytale is not a metaphor, […]

The most grandiose monuments of Europe

To carefree rest, you need to know where to stay, whether it’s Adler hotels or hostels of St. Petersburg, but let’s talk about Moscow. And if you are already calm about your night’s rest, you can pay attention to the amazing monuments of Europe in the Russian capital. Monuments of Europe: Peter I in the […]

The symbol of independence

And you were not in Haiti? – says the voice of a parrot from a cartoon. And really, “were not”. What do we know about this country? What is her symbol of independence. The only thing we can approve and advise at the beginning of the article is the meta-finding of Good Riddance air tickets […]

Journey to the Genoese fortress

Traveling across the Crimea is a good rest and at the same time a unique opportunity to delve into the history of this region. Literally every corner of the Crimea is a historical landmark. Even the hotels of Crimea are masterpieces in miniature. And from all it breathes some kind of barely perceptible antiquity and […]

White Desert

On the way from the Bahariya oasis to the similar natural sight of the Sahara oasis of Farafra is the so-called White Desert or Es Sahra El Beyda, if you call it in Arabic, which strikes the white limestone coming to the strange boulders, which actually gave the name to this place on the map […]

Germany – a country with a special color

Germany is unique. In this country, public transport runs strictly according to the schedule, and residents differ pedantry and punctuality. Here in everything reign order and accuracy. With what do you associate this European state? Someone will think about medieval castles, which are its original symbol. Many will immediately remember the famous Bavarian sausages and […]

Khao Lak

If you compare a fairly large number of resorts located in Thailand, the resort of Khao Lak is more popular among family holidaymakers, as this resort is the most convenient place for children to relax with their parents. Khao Lak Resort Despite the fact that the resort of Khao Lak is located some distance from […]