The Garden on the Sands

If there is a certain amount of funds, and no less than a certain desire, in the world it is possible to implement almost all, and even the most ambitious technical projects. This is what the Arab Emirates has repeatedly proved to the whole world, which, having rather large resources, built the world’s largest skyscraper, […]

Sights of Uzhgorod

Since the appearance in Brussels of the famous sculpture of a boy who saved this city, the theme of minimal-size sculptures has repeatedly excited many artists of different times and peoples. This tendency was not ignored by Uzhgorod artists, who created a small gallery of mini-sculptures, which added to the numerous sights of Uzhgorod. Miniature […]

Shevchenkovskiy Guy

One of the examples of our transience is the history of such a monument of Ukrainian culture as Shevchenkovsky Gai that is located in Lviv. After all, a group of students-enthusiasts of the University of Lviv began to raise funds and the construction of this park-museum, dedicated to the great Ukrainian poet in 1930. And […]

Monument to Vysotsky

Despite the fact that since the death of the great Russian poet, it has been a long time, and this is almost thirty-five years, in the cities and towns of Russia, enthusiasts and admirers of his work continue to memorialize him. This time, residents of Yekaterinburg and its numerous guests will be able to see […]


For many, it will be a rather uncommon or even a little shock for the commander of an airship to utter a loud voice. “And now the gentlemen in the right portholes you can see the present eruption of the volcano.” However, this is quite possible, if you, really, fly to one of the small […]

The island of San Juan de Gastelugache or a trip to Europe

For many of us, traveling through Europe, after visiting its most important cities and attractions located in the same Paris, London and Berlin, usually continues in Spain, a country that is as rich in its ancient history and culture as the rest Other countries of the Old World. Basque Country: a journey through Europe continues […]

Terracotta Army

China, as not only the largest country in terms of its population, but also in its ancient culture, amazes everyone who has come into contact, both with its history and its modernity, with its grandeur and the scale of Chinese projects. And the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning this country is the […]


As a rule, in most tourist guides, Norway and the city of Stavanger seem to be a rather exotic place, the northern country of fjords, glaciers and aurora borealis. In addition, in the same guides, there are excellent ski resorts and excellent Norwegian cuisine, in which the first place is a wonderful, Norwegian salmon. Stavanger […]

Monasteries of Meteora

It is difficult to argue or oppose to the fact that in the territory of modern Greece, there is perhaps the largest in Europe, the number of historical monuments, both the Hellenic era and the Middle Ages. And one of such illustrative examples, it is quite possible to include the famous monasteries of Meteora, which […]