Pink Diamond

Among the great variety of all the “oddities” of Australia, and this is the same platypus and marsupial kangaroos, many tourist guidebooks mark the so-called “pink diamond”, Hillier Hill, which stands out among the numerous lakes of the world not only in its color, but also in its color Origin. Pink Diamond continues to keep […]

The wall of tears

Many of us know that the Galapagos Islands are quite an amazing land that combines not only a lot of exotic animals, but also unique landscapes of untouched nature. However, not many are aware of the somewhat sad part of the history of this region. In particular, this applies to one of the islands of […]

Sculpture Park

As some historians of landscape design say, the sculpture park, as one of the tendencies of creation of popular recreation zones, has a rather ancient history, because if you recall the same “Summer Garden” of St. Petersburg or the parks of Ancient Rome, it becomes quite understandable the craving for the perception of nature, Through […]

Black Gate

Visiting one of the oldest cities in Europe, Trier, you are sure to get a tour of the city dedicated to the ancient architecture of this city. And as an obligatory part of this excursion you will definitely be shown the Black Gate (Porta Nigra), which are not only the oldest building of this city, […]

Madeira Airport

Almost the majority of travels around the world today are performed on airplanes, as one of the fastest and safest modes of transport. However, this characteristic was for a long time the airport of Madeira. And for this there were reasons. How to Build Madeira Airport Since the middle of the fifties of the last […]

Princess Airport

It has already become quite common that a significant part of the world’s tourist travels are not made by rail or by cars, namely by airplanes. At the same time, some of the modern airports have turned from an ordinary element of transport infrastructure to a real attraction of a particular city or district. In […]

National Museum of Ukraine

Annually, on April 26 all Ukraine, as the whole world celebrates the Day of memory of the Chernobyl catastrophe, took thousands of lives, and once again reminded humanity of the detrimental nature of the neglect of the energy of the atom in the nucleus. And one of such reminders is the National Museum of Ukraine […]

Ancient temples

Having first visited Norway on a tourist excursion dedicated to its ancient religious architecture and looking at the ancient temples in Bogorunna, it seems that you have come to our glorious Onega Kizhi. However, this impression is a bit deceptive, because in addition to the fact that the ancient Normans used wood as the main […]

The Garden of Memories

Practically every people has memorable places connected with its heroic struggle for independence. It is such a memorial in the capital of Ireland, Dublin, is the “Garden of Memories” dedicated to the memory of many thousands of Irishmen who gave their lives for the sun of peace and freedom shining over their country. “The Garden […]