Bondi Iceberg and other places of interest in Australia

Experienced travelers all recommend to allocate time and money and at least once to visit Australia. The funny thing is that you do not need to look for Australian sights, since for an ordinary European, everything here will seem like a curiosity. Attractions in Australia: quality leisure and entertainment The beauty of composition in Australia […]

The Corinthian Canal

Shipping channels. You can ask – why are they? The speed of the sea cargo ship is rather small. There is a faster rail or road transport. And very fast air transport. Why steamer when there is an airplane? And the fact is that sea freight is cheap. And they can be clearly planned. But […]

Avenue of floating umbrellas

What do we know about Portugal? With what do we associate this country located in the very west of Europe? The Roman province of Lusitania. Reconquista. Great seafarers – Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama and Fernando Magellan (yes, Magellan was a Portuguese!). Well, of course, the port … More so immediately and do not remember. […]

Wrangel Island

Being almost the entire light day at work, in a city of glass and concrete, sometimes the thought of wanting to be far from here. Today we suggest that you virtually implement this venture and visit Wrangel Island – the abode of meager vegetation, polar bears and severe climate. Wrangel Island, where even the summer […]

A special peace in the mines of the Perm region

In search of an unusual and extraordinary man is ready to climb high into the mountains and even take off. But sometimes it’s enough just to go down under the ground. To know your inner world, to sincerely be surprised by miraculous miracles at a depth of 195 meters, you can in the Perm region, […]

Interesting places in Europe: the Øresund Bridge

What bridges do you know? Except, of course, the bridges of your hometown? Brooklyn Bridge, Charles Bridge, Tower Bridge, Bosporus Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a couple more bridges. These bridges “play” in movies, about them they write in books, they are painted by artists. They are known. Many bridges in the literal sense […]

Shumak: a trip to Buryatia

How should it be, the most memorable trip for a lifetime? Someone will say that it should be a cruise on a huge liner. Someone that flight by plane to the other side of the Earth. And for someone this will be a simple trip on a suburban train to the forest for mushrooms. But […]

Heavenly Bridge

In addition to the fact that the bridge as an engineering structure has practical application, it is very fast and safe to get from one bank to another, very often they are installed in places where there is no vital need, for example, the Langkawi Sky Bridge, the location is Malaysia. Heavenly Bridge – Scary […]


Getting acquainted with all sorts of interesting places around the world, it is impossible to ignore the ancient Stonehenge, which is located 130 km southwest of London. But this is in England. In turn, the Americans created Karhenj, a kind of English megaliths, only with the amendment to modernity. Karhenj – the pain of loss […]