Purnululu National Park or interesting places in Australia

Australia For that category of the population of our planet, who believe that there is simply no unexplored places and territory in its vast space, as an example of refuting this opinion, we refer all comers to such interesting places in Australia as Purnululu National Park. Interesting places in Australia or millions of years of […]

Historical monuments of Europe: Cesky Sternberk Castle

Czech Republic Many historical monuments of Europe that are located on the territory of the so-called former socialist camp, which included Czechoslovakia, suffered a less fortunate fate than the medieval castle, Cesky Sternberg, which stands near the small Czech town of Benesov. Historical monuments of Europe and their unusual fate If you touch a little […]

Resorts in America: Ambergris Caye

USA For many of our compatriots, the resorts of America are still a big mystery, because the cost of the flight to the American continent with one or several transplants, not to mention the cost of the tour itself. However, in this world everything is changing so quickly that it is possible in the near […]

Westman’s Cliffs: The World of Birds

Norway Given its geographical location, and from Norway by sea it is only 675 kilometers, the Faroe Islands are constantly attracting numerous tourists who would like to see the world of birds nesting here every spring, to fish in the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and simply plunge into the wild nature of this […]

Traveling in America: the ancient Mayan city of Kahal Pech

Belize According to many tourist guides and magazines devoted to tourism, a trip through America and, especially along its central part, has always attracted many admirers of the ancient Mayan culture. And in this regard, Belize and its ancient cities is no exception. The amazing world of the Maya or a trip to America Due […]

Stairway to Heaven

Hawaii Not many of us have probably paid attention to such a peculiar coincidence that if you type the phrase “Stairway to Heaven” or “Stairway to Heaven” in one or another search engine, then in addition to the famous hit of the British team Led Zeppelin, the same Google will give out To us information, […]

Journey Through Russia: Baikal – Great Lake

When you want to leave the city vanity, feel the greatness of the elements and touch the inexhaustible source of natural strength and power, many go on a journey. And, of course, tourists around the world turn their gaze to the pearl of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake on the planet – Baikal. We go […]


Many probably more than once you have faced such a problem as a vacation? Where to start, where to go, where to spend the summer? Let’s talk with you about one magnificent island – the Maldives. Who among you has ever dreamed of visiting him? Naturally dreamed, because the beauty of this island is impossible […]

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine: who can get it easier?

The international consulting company Elionorum offers you a wonderful opportunity to implement all your plans for moving to Ukraine. We have been studying the processes of world migration for more than six years and thoroughly know all its nuances and features. Our experts will select the necessary algorithm of actions, suitable exactly in your situation. […]