City-island Sviyazhsk

Speaking about the French the beautiful island of Mont Saint-Michel and do not recall that we have in Russia, there are also paintings and no less amazing island-city, it would be very unfair. So now I want to tell you about the city-island Sviyazhsk, as many scientists noticed its similarity to the Mont Saint-Michel in […]

Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square

Big scandal over the construction of the pavilion on the Red Square in a huge suitcase Louis Vuitton, ribbons wrapped in a Russian flag. The pavilion was built to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the GUM department store, and belonged to a charity exhibition «Soul wandering». Initially, the suitcase delivered to anyone not inconvenience local […]

Vottovaara – a city destroyed by time

Located a mountain on one of the hills on the west side of Karelia, its main peak has four hundred meters above sea level. Mountain Vottovaara is a complex of stone buildings of ancient times, famous under the name seids that involves rocks in the hanging or flying position. The magnitude of the complex capable […]

Seven Giants on Man-Pupu-Ner

Pillars of weathering, or Mansi blockheads called geological monument is located in the Trinity-Pechora region of the Komi Republic Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve on Mount Man-Pupu-Ner, that denotes the language Mansi small mountain idols. Mansi and Komi worshiped statues of stone with grandiose forms, worshiped in front of them, but the ascent of Man-Pupu-Ner was a […]

Lenticular clouds over Kluchevskoy

All we know is unique in its nature part of Russia is Kamchatka Peninsula. Here you can see a huge number of volcanoes, and hot mineral springs, extraordinary in its beauty of lakes, some of which are directly in the craters of volcanoes. Especially, of course, I would like to talk about Kamchatka volcanoes. They […]

The uniqueness of the city of Brno

The city of Brno is the Czech Republic, but may be such that not everyone has heard about this city, but because of his history of no less unique than other countries. The name of the city literally means «armor». The most important thing is that this city at any time of the year simply […]

Ireland, the ancient Newgrange

Scientists say that Newgrange is the oldest known prehistoric structure on the territory of modern Ireland. And it is no wonder that it is considered the most famous. It is believed that this place appeared around 3100 BC. The basis of this structure was the sand, clay and stone. Interestingly, by the way, note that […]

Statue of Pegasus Smartphone

In 2012, at the Congress of Mobile Communications in Spain, it was presented an unusual statue of Pegasus Smartphone. To witty such a statue, the Chinese designers took neither more nor less, and 3500 smartphones. The statue of a winged horse is 6 meters in height and 5 meters in length. Experts believe that such […]

Wine tourism in Italy

Tuscany is the place, which have long been famous for its wines. The most famous wine is Chianti, Brunello, etc. When a tourist comes here, the first thing he is given into the hands of this map-guide for 200 kilometers. The most interesting thing that immediately, immediately offer a journey, for these 200 kilometers in […]

Wine tourism in Greece

The beautiful and ancient country of Greece. In it lies a lot of volcanic rocks, the beautiful sky, the sea and many other things that is so fond of tourists today. As it turns out, there is also widespread wine tourism. But when compared to other countries, the grape fields will not find here. Since […]