Lost Machu Picchu city

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited cities in Peru and throughout Latin America. This is not surprising, because this mysterious Inca city attracts with its mystery, beauty and extraordinary ancient architecture. American professor-archaeologist Hiram Bingham, fascinated by legends of the ancient Inca city spent many years in search of the «heavenly city». According […]

World Mount Roraima

Probably many of us repeatedly as a child reread this creation, the famous Arthur Conan Doyle, his novel «The Lost World» which in addition to a fascinating fantasy we enjoyed a magnificent description of not less fantastic nature. However, few of us reread this novel line, I wondered where Conan Doyle took a description of […]

Kakohii mounds

In the name of the ancient settlement called Kakohii Indians, which is located near the Illinois. Archaeologists believe that the town appeared around the year 650. The structure of city constructions quite difficult – this fact proves that there existed a developed society. It is assumed that at the time of flowering in this city […]

Adventure Island – park Islands of Adventure

US every time we are encouraged by all the new and unusual attractions. Here and now distinguished park Islands of Adventure, which means the island of adventure. He invented and brought to life this park, Steven Spielberg himself. The idea was that everyone who has come here, could plunge into the world of science fiction […]

Barbados capital for Roma

Barbados is famous for its history, in particular by pirates who looted and plundered many pubs. Everything happened for the simple reason that, as then, so now Barbados is a unique and exclusive place where quality and manufactured only real rum. Rum, a calling card of the island, in those days, and still. What do […]

Amazing Brazilian state of Bahia

Brazil, how much you can learn new, visiting this country. There were a lot of interesting traditions and holidays. Coming to Brazil, can be seen at almost every turn, many beaches, dances and carnivals that are carried out mainly at night. If you do this have never experienced, when you arrive in Bahia, you will […]

Atacama is the driest desert in the world

The Atacama Desert is located on the west coast of South America. Once before, she belonged to Bolivia, now, it is a territory of Chile. For today, yes indeed, as always, is the driest desert on the planet. Also, a very interesting fact that in some places of the desert, rain is so rare that […]

Ancient park Mesa Verde

America has always surprised its attractions. There is a unique park in America, called the Mesa Verde. The interesting thing about this park is that it is more than 4,000 not just historical sites and prehistoric sites. These objects belong to the ancestors of the Anasazi, a prehistoric Native American culture. To have survived some […]

Wine tourism in California

As we know, in California, there are many interesting places. But historians point out, this is where the concept originated first as a wine tourism. As historians have noted, even in the 60s of the locals loved to come to the nearest plant for the production of wine. They loved the wine not only buy, […]