River of the books in Melbourne

Several thousand fireflies-books have been dammed streets of Melbourne, do not allow the passage of pedestrians and passing motorists. They like Silent asked others not to rush to stop, to think and to look through the book. This is not very conventional installation under the title Literature VS Traffic creative team Luzinterruptus tried to draw […]

Unusual trees in New Zealand

Species of wood type in New Zealand, growing in the area, have a number of features. First of all, they are distinguished by a very slow growth, the root of their system is not so deep in the soil and, therefore, no problem they can pull out of the land during heavy wind and storm, […]

Jurassic Park Serengeti

Tanzania is probably the most unique state, which is in East Africa. Tanzania is unique in that only here you can see one of the highest volcanoes in Africa and it is Kilimanjaro. Also, here is the largest lake on the continent, this is Victoria. In addition, there is a lake, which is the deepest […]

Funny and majestic Baobab

If wild symbols the same in North America or Mexico are huge, centuries-old redwoods, or a variety of cactus, for the African continent, especially for tropical savannah, this plant is a baobab, a unique and found nowhere else plant. In addition to its age, which to date have not managed to determine exactly, because baobab […]

Ghadames is a libyan oasis-town

Libyan oasis town of Ghadames is also has a rich cultural-historical heritage with its quite unusually beautiful architecture, preserved to our times. If you look at the homes of local residents with a bird’s-eye view, they resemble honeycombs, and the entire city is comparable with a huge beehive. This impression is created by the fact […]

The mythical Heraklion city

The legends of the sunken Atlantis know very many people in the world. And someone they grasp that the travelers possessed by the idea of going to find the sunken city and go looking for him. A lot of people are trying to find this mythical city, but so far, though managed to establish alleged […]

The underground tunnels

Janusz Moritz from Argentina, doing business and ethnology, in 1965, opened in Ecuador network ramifications of extremely ancient communications. Only four years later collector mysterious artifacts made his discovery public domain. Moritz, conductors which are natives could find a giant-sized fork: the road to the underground tunnels prostrated than one thousand kilometers, passing around at […]

New York. Girl in lotus pose

In New York, life rages in the daytime and at night, all the time is one of the few cities that can turn the head of anyone, stun, sleep deprived, and will forever remain in the subcortex in memory. Do not just about New York filming a huge number of films. This city is a […]

Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants

In the northeast of the state of Georgia, in North America, there is a very strange monument. It is called «Georgia Guidestones». The monument includes five twenty tones polished granite slabs, the height of more than five meters. The monument is a huge granite tablets with the commandments or prescriptions. The inscriptions engraved on them […]