Lena Pillars Nature Reserve

Travelers know that in every corner of the globe, you can see something new and interesting inherent only in this area. Such places are usually referred to as unique, and it is not surprising, as the only means unique in its kind. One of these places are stone pillars of rocks, which are on the […]

Blood Falls Glacier Taylor

Antarctica has always been a mystery. And not only for ordinary travelers, but also for researchers, and if I may say so, the natural processes of experts in this part of the world. One of the mysteries that scientists had to study in Antarctica – it’s «Blood Falls». It is this name was unusual waterfall […]

A legendary mountain Popov Island

Vast expanses of Russia constantly attract travel enthusiasts. And it is not accidental that the huge territory of the country, here almost every corner is filled with some historical events, often associated with the monuments of architecture and culture. Among such places are often mentioned among tourists Ural. This fact is probably not surprise anyone, […]

Amazon in world history

The ancestors believed that the peoples who do not know their history, there is no historical future. The Slavs also very ancient history and its roots go back to the distant past. Tales of Slavic Amazons of the ancient time are included in one of the pages of this story. We all know that the […]

Castle Carcassonne

Who of us had to travel to France, and not only by its central, modern part, but also in the provinces, probably drew attention to the fact that the country is replete with medieval castles, monasteries, abbeys and natural fortifications. And if most of them are only of historical value on the scale of the […]

The ancient Barcelona city, Park Güell

It so happens that the name of this Spanish city on the Mediterranean coast, we have mainly been associated with the famous football club and the site of the Summer Olympics in 1992. And Barcelona is one of the largest industrial, commercial and cultural centers of Europe. First of all this contributes to its location […]

The resort village Eze

On the way to the Mediterranean coast of France, a sin not to drop or at least a few hours does not stay in one of the most picturesque corners of the province, a small resort village Eze, located just 12 kilometers from the famous Nice. Eze is situated on top of a small cliff […]

The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian

Bulgaria ever since the former sovetstkih Union, for many of our compatriots primarily associated with gorgeous Mediterranean resorts, dry wine and no less magnificent cigarettes made from the world-famous tobacco variety «Virginia». So things are now … So that the small resort town of Balchik is not significantly fall out of this series. Except for […]

Dragon Ridge off the coast of Barrika

Tourists planning to visit Spain, the first thing, of course, want to go to a bullfight. Visit every ancient city, and walk through the ancient streets, where you can find a great variety of architectural and cultural monuments. However, few people know that in Spain there is a city, which is called Barrick washed by […]

The pretty village of La Roque-Gageac

The Aquitaine region is the most beautiful La Roque-Gageas village. It is located along the Dordogne River, eight kilometers to the south-west side of Sarlat-la-Canéda. A man appeared in these areas in the period of primitive society. The memory of themselves, they left on the surface of the stone with a carved image. During the […]