Medicine in Ancient Egyptian culture

Those of us who regularly visits the fertile Egypt (and not only to carry out their legal holiday on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast of the State or in the bars of local hotels) must have paid attention, that guides, to a greater or lesser extent, we mentioned that that medicine in ancient […]

Tourist jewel of Lebanon is the city of Sidon

Saida, Sidon or the third largest city in Lebanon. It is situated 20 miles from Tyre and 25 miles from Beirut on the Mediterranean coast of the laity. In addition, it Sidon is one of the oldest cities in Phoenicia. The X-IX centuries BC This city was considered the largest shopping center of the then […]

Surrounded by the Libyan desert – the city of Fayoum

Fayoum, Sohag, or – the administrative center of mutafazy in Middle Egypt. It is situated 100 km from Cairo, surrounded on all sides by the Libyan desert oasis of Fayum. Population Fayoum is nearly 350 000 people. The town was founded during the Middle Kingdom, ie approximately around 2000-1800 years BC In those days, a […]

Mummy Juanita, or Lady Ampat

Mummy Juanita, also known as the Inca Ice Maiden and Lady Ampat – a body Inskoy 13 year old girl, is well preserved. She was sacrificed to the gods of the Incas around years 1450-1480. The girl’s body lay about 550 years in the ice, and so it is quite well preserved until our time. […]

City Island Mexcaltita

Visiting Mexico, you can get a lot of pleasure from the experience obtained. Here and wonderful nature and unique monuments of culture and architecture. There is also a special place. For example, a small city Mexcaltitan. It belongs administratively to the state of Nayarit, the municipality of Santiago Iskuintla and is located on the island. […]

Chubb Crater or Crystal Eye of Nunavik

Only natural wonder – the lake circular shape in which the water is blue, the prisoners within the walls of an ancient but well-preserved crater, from contact with the meteorite is on the territory of the far north of Quebec in Canada. For the most part little known to the outside world, filled the crater […]

Stone wave

When we hear a phrase like a stone wave, we do not take it seriously, because it seems to us that this simply can not be. But as it turns out, and in Australia and the United States have a truly unique and fascinating stone waves. Over these waves the sculptor tried not to, but […]

Sun, captured, or the crater of Haleakala on Maui

Not far from Hawaii is the second jewel of the volcanic nature of the archipelago – the island of Maui, which is amazing, steeped in legends. And, from whatever angle swim to the island, visible from afar whenever powerful silhouette outline, speaker of the island – the crater of Haleakala. Climb it is not so […]

Geysers in Kamchatka

Recently, Russian residents began to travel much more often – has increased as the number of trips and their geographical coverage. Earlier, the tourists travel abroad were rare, but today’s popular seaside resorts abroad are not able to go, probably just lazy. Therefore, many are now looking for interesting places on earth to spend a […]