Antiquities of the Jews, or the city of Jerash

Traveling to Jordan, is simply unforgivable not to visit one of the tourist centers of the region city of Jerash. According to historians at this point people are already live whiter than 6500 years. In view of this ancient city is rich with many archeological sites that stand out not only for its history, but […]

Ayla ruins is the ancient city of Islam

To date, the city itself Ayla unfortunately does not exist. The place where In the six years, was one of the largest cities in Asia, today is the center of modern Aqaba. It is worth noting that, according to many historical documents of Islay, which flourished during the time of King Solomon, was the original […]

Aqaba Marine Aquarium

As noted in many tourist guides for the Jordanian city of Aqaba, in addition to having a large number of historical sites, usually referred to as a pretty attractive place for diving sport or cognitive diving using scuba. A feature of the coastal area of Aqaba is the fact that apart from the magnificent sandy […]

Clay Sculpture Park in Phoenix city

Twenty-eight July 1976 at three forty-two minutes in the morning there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale. It destroyed seven percent of the ten buildings for industrial and ninety-three per cent of residential buildings. Damage increased by the fact that the earthquake occurred in the seismic zone of a weak character, […]

The natural magnetism of the Yangshuo city

One of the most beautiful places on the planet, is the Yangshuo city. Coming back, you wonder how beautiful nature can be. High mountains, rivers that meander in the vast territory, the temples, which were built in ancient times, as well as caves. All this is not just to attract tourists, but also attracts them […]

Church of St. Theodora in Arcadia

The Guinness Book of Records has a historical mention about the amazing church of Saint Theodora. This temple was built in the 12th century in memory of the most Theodore, who was considered a saint. The church was built in a village called Vasto, in the city of Arcadia. At the moment, many pilgrims visit […]

Necromancer Oracle Acheron or dead

Oracle of the Dead, or as it is called necromancy Acheron, he was one of the most sacred places in ancient Greece. The fact that this was an oracle in Greece, the most ancient source of evidence, which is located at the moment, in writing. Each of the ancient Greeks, wanted to know what awaits […]

Unrealistic master pieces Erwin Wurm

Many of you have seen in my life artists who have made extraordinary paintings or sculptures. Perhaps not so much in fact, but they are still there and we are trying to show their unusual, and sometimes even whimsical work. So we can say about the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. In fact, it is, only […]

The Greek island of unrealistic size

Greece is famous not only for its attractions, but also the islands. And one of them, an area of 8260 square kilometers, and the length from west to east 260 kilometers, is the island of Crete. This island is the warmest place in Greece. On the north coast, he washes the Aegean Sea, and with […]