New Zealand, the Blue Lake Crystal

New Zealand, is a state that is full of puzzles and mysteries. In it so much unknown, we can say that we do not yet know all about it. It inhabits this country more than 4 million people. But now, we want to talk about the beautiful Blue Lake Crystal. Until now, it is the […]

Heraklion: Another mystery of Ancient Egypt

Among the many mysteries and secrets of ancient Egypt, there are those who in some cases are pure fiction, and sometimes are confirmed thousands of years later. By one of those mysteries is the legend of the once existed and disappeared without a trace of Heraklion, supposedly located on the Mediterranean coast at the mouth […]

The disputed island Mgingo

The island of small size called Mgingo, which is in Africa on Lake Victoria, is still a disputed territory between Kenya and Uganda. Today, the island is densely populated, that is, the island is home to about 130 people. The island is 2000 square meters. People live in huts and ordinary basic sustenance is fishing. […]

Capilano Bridge in British Columbia

British Columbia Canada pretty hard to call a tourist mecca, unlike other places where there are unique historical and natural monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt or the ancient ruins of the Colosseum of ancient Rome. In any case, those inhabitants of the North American continent, who prefer to rest on its historical territory, […]

The cave complex of Buddhist Ajanta

Ajanta is in most of the Buddhist cave complex in the form of a temple in India. It is a cliff that resembles a horseshoe with twenty-nine caves. They are divided into two main types – intuition and vihara, both are Buddhist monks dormitory. The temples carved into the rock in the course of more […]

Kidzania is a country of adult children

In Dubai, there is a purpose-built children’s playground in which an adult is simply no room. It is only the territory of the children and called this place Kidzania. This town gives children the opportunity to learn not only the world but also the flora, fauna, and get acquainted with the professions, there are now […]

Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of martial arts

China is one of the oldest countries that exist in the world. In addition, it has a lot of interest, as this is where a martial art originated as wushu. Translates it corny is the art of war. And of course Wushu – this is not gymnastics. It is a formidable weapon in the right […]

Dragon Bridge on the beautiful island

Taiwan is an island in the territory of the Pacific, which opened in the sixteenth century, the Portuguese and called “Formosa”, which means in translation from the Portuguese “Wonderful.” In fact, the days of the sailors who noticed among water archipelago with beautiful scenery, was right: a chain of mountains and hills with lush exotic […]

Thousands of Qiandaohu Lake Islands

Anyone who has been in China, have probably heard, and maybe saw the Thousand Islands Lake, which the Chinese call Qiandaohu. And for those who do not know about its existence it will probably be wondering about this unique, beautiful place. It is a lake in Zhejiang Province, about 150 kilometers from the city of […]