Yalta Zoo Tale

The beautiful Yalta city, probably every one of us wanted to go on the coast of Yalta, walk around the city and visit many places. For example, now widely Yalta Zoo, under the beautiful name of «Fairy Tale». And interestingly, that, getting into it, we really find ourselves in a fairy tale, as it is […]

Cyril and St. Sergius Monastery

It so happened historically, but several centuries have passed since the founding of the St. Cyril-Belozersky Monastery significantly changed not only the official status of the monastery, but also its economic situation as a whole. From the XV century to the middle of XVII century Kirillo-Belozersky monastery was one of the largest landowners in the […]

Great Russian Volga river

If you try and make a rating the longest rivers in the world, then unfortunately, our Russian, national pride Volga River misses even tens of stamp conceding its 3530 kilometers, not only in such rivers as the Nile (6650) and Amazon (6800) but even our domestic record holders such as the Ob (5410) and Yenisei […]

Bonn Bears

The city of Bonn until 1990 was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. But after Germany was reunited, the capital was Berlin. If you plunge into the city’s history, we can learn a lot. For example, that in the 11th century BC, it was kind of a camp for the Roman army. That […]

Museum ARos with an amazing structure on the roof

City Aarhus is the second largest in Denmark. Rapidly developing city quite quickly. Today, this city is a commercial and industrial center and railway junction. It developed almost all kinds of industries that you can only imagine. There is also a wonderful museum ARos. Especially for the museum, the world-famous artist Olafur Eliasson has created […]

Fortress Bourtange in the form of stars

While held Eighty Years’ War, in 1580, Prince William of Orange ordered to ensure that was built over the famous fortress Bourtange. Today, it is located on the north side of the Netherlands, that is almost close to the border of Germany. Prince ordered to build a fortress and interestingly, this fortress, necessarily had to […]

Stalin skyscraper

The modern image of Moscow, as a rule, connected with seven prominent buildings, pretty clearly visible from almost anywhere in the capital, namely the case of the seven so-called «Stalin skyscrapers», which for many years were the hallmark of the city. Although the general idea of the capital high-rise architects should have been eight, but […]

The small town of Hum

In today’s society is already quite acute shortage of living space. Cities already so populated that I want to run away, far away from the stuffy mnogomilionnika. There, where you can retire from prying eyes, and finally to hear your thoughts. On notions of small town residents of the metropolis, it is the ultimate dream, […]

Tropical island under the dome

Near Berlin is a tropical island. Yes, yes it is an island, though he was created artificially, but still, it’s an amazing place. Although the island is not close to the sea and under the artificial dome, it does not give reason to doubt that this is an amazing place. To create an island used […]