The most expensive house in the world

The most expensive house in the world was built in 2009 and it belongs to one of the richest men in India Mikesha Ambani. Its construction has been spent about $ 1 billion, and the record is likely to be not soon broken. Mikesha Ambani engaged nneftehimiey and his fortune is estimated at about 22 […]

The observatory on the top of the world

In Switzerland there is a real observatory. Just imagine, at an altitude of 3 thousand meters. For Europe, this is the record height, which can be. After all, at that height is almost impossible to build something. This observatory is the highest and higher yet nowhere … I do not know what, but something it […]


Being in the south of Ukraine and not to go to Odessa – hardly anyone afford. After Odessa, like a magnet attracts vacationers and tourists, and historians. In this city interested in everything … From the local dialect and ending with architectural and cultural monuments, of which there are many in spite of the relatively […]

Neuschwanstein Castle is the miracle of architecture

Have you ever thought about making your dream finally realized. So, someone’s dream, after all, apparently, has been carried out. Since Neuschwanstein Castle, this is a fantasy that has now become a reality. The name, of course, it is difficult to remember the first time, but the essence is not the case. As if you […]

Goba is a stone of heavenly origin

This meteorite is the largest of all those who once was founded. In addition, it is during the fall is not surprising manner not only formed the crater, but also quite some prints of his heavenly origin. Scientists, however, believe that in the course of eighty thousand years (this age certainly has that «extraterrestrial») footprints […]

The most visited castle in Germany

The main part of this majestic castle consists of several parts, each of which is owned by a private family. It consists of eight Eltz castle towers majestic height of about 40 meters. All towers strengthened incredibly powerful exterior walls surrounding a huge yard. More than a hundred rooms of the castle lived exclusively family […]

The main port and the city of Kobe

A major Japanese city of Kobe, while the port through which international trade is carried out. The main difference is that in the 19th century it was the only city in Japan, where foreigners were allowed to call. Tourists who come here will be able to learn and see a lot of interesting. The city […]

The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi

The majestic castle Bardi is located on a cliff of red jasper about 60 kilometers from the city of Parma. In ancient times, near the fortress were some fairly busy road. The first mention of the castle appeared in the year 898. While the fortress owned Bishop Piacenza. He and turned into an impregnable fortress […]

City skeletons or necropolis Chowchilla

Already no one decade plateau located near the Peruvian city of Nazca continues to amaze the whole civilized world for its amazing artifacts related to the history of the ancient people living in this wonderful region. And if a giant picture on the Nazca already quite well understood, but did not have quite a clear […]