Doinkovsky complex Huaca Rajada

As a rule, we perceive the history of South America, associated with names such as Christopher Columbus, Fernando Cortez and the Mayan and Inca. However, the history of South America, and had dokolumbov period when the area was inhabited by tribes and nations, which formed not only the city but the whole empire with its […]

The ancient city of Rabat Ciric at the bottom of a dried-up sea

Achievements of the first decade of this century in the field of archeology are the work of a professor of the Kazakh Abylai Aydosova for the study of ancient remains of ancient settlements buried under a layer of the Aral Sea or the coastal sand. One of these cities is the ancient city of Rabat […]

Iquitos is a city in the Amazon jungle

Indeed, the fact that Iquitos, located in the wilds of the Amazon’s most begin to understand not only when you look at a map of this area of the Amazon jungle, and when you really will have the opportunity to get to Iquitos itself. After all, to get to the city, located at the north […]

Male is the capital of the island

Surprisingly, the largest city in the Republic of Maldives – Male, refers to the smallest capitals in the world. He deserved this title due to its small dimensions. The city is located on the ocean and the island belongs to the Maldives archipelago. The total area of the city is less than 2 square kilometers, […]

Namib is a desert elephants and fog

The African continent is rich of deserts. Contrary to popular belief, the desert is amazing ecosystem with unique animal and even plant life. They amaze scientists and researchers studying them for many years. There is a south-western Africa amazing Namib desert. Particularly striking is that it is located almost on the Atlantic coast. Desert National […]

Amazing city Novopolotsk

One of the earliest of Belarusian cities is Novopolotsk. It is located six kilometers from Polotsk, on the left bank of the river Western Dvina. His appearance, he is obliged to take a decision on the construction of the Belarusian government in 1958, the largest enterprise which processes crude oil. At the same time the […]

The tiny house in New Haven

Every year the number of people on the planet is greatly increased. This led to the fact that the housing problem is now has a special significance. Alas, few would agree to explore the extreme, but the free heath and strive to live in already overcrowded cities, but with the necessary creature comforts. As a […]

A little more about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico a great state, but coming here, tourists often tend to visit the old city of San Juan. The city is the oldest in the United States, and it was founded by none other than the Europeans. More precisely, the founder was Juan Ponce de Leon in 1508. But is not the one who […]

Norway travel

Despite the fact that in recent years, many of our compatriots are making their travel more exotic country for us, such as the same, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives. However, some of us, especially those who are relatively poorly tolerates heat and humid climate, try to go to more northern countries such as Denmark, Finland […]