Elf School in Reykjavik

Probably many people have read Reuel Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of the Rings and watched three parts of not less legendary film shot by Peter Jackson of the same name. The Motherland of the elves is considered to be ephemeral Middle-earth, ruled by the mighty and fair kings Elrond and Queen Galadriel. However, local Icelandic […]

English Abbotsbury Swans

Among many areas of the globe there are quite a lot of territories, which for one reason or another were chosen by wild animals and birds. As usual, such concentration of birds, especially swans in colloquial language is called «a bird market», because the noise the birds raise during their meetings can be easily compared […]

Ekyulsaurloun Lake is Glacier lagoon in Iceland

In addition to splendid glacial landscape Ekyulsaurloun Lake, located in Iceland, attracts many travelers with its fauna, which is represented by all that inhabits on this island nation. These are numerous colonies of sea birds and seals, living here due to the abundance of fish, which swim here at high tides from the Atlantic Ocean. […]

Mount Nexis dolmens

We live and don’t pay attention what is happening around us sometimes. What an amazing places we pass every day without even knowing their value, both cultural and historical. These words can be referred to such places as Mount Nexis, the unique mountain in the Krasnodar Territory. This pinnacle is unique by its name. Nexis […]

Tarim Highway – the longest in the world

Given the fact that in recent years we have learned a little bit, not only with the ancient culture of the Chinese people, but also with industrial products produced by their hands, probably quite difficult to say that the Chinese do anything just for the sake of prestige or enhance their own self-esteem. After all, […]

Penthouse, as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich

In the words of one of our own, Russian satirists to the question: “Where do you live?” – “In the penthouse!” – “What the penthouse? In the attic you live like Carlson. “And although in this dialogue more present humorous notes, but there are quite some truth. After all, by definition, modern penthouse, just a […]

Upside down house in Hamburg

Dirk Oster, who is the developer from Hamburg, gave the zoo home. Available in all, with one small exception – put it upside down. The house should serve as landmarks and “attraction” for visitors, due to the fact that the area within the space is no less original than the view from the outside. Upside […]

Clear House in Tokyo

House NA from the firm Sou Fujimoto Architects, dedicated to the development of architecture design belongs to one of the most unique projects that can be found in the world. Located on a side street not very large in a fairly busy and prestigious Tokyo, a house with an area of eighty-five square meters, consists […]

Realy wigwam hotel

Many children prefer games “Indians.” For this purpose, they are applied to the surface of the face coloring fighter on his head feathers cling to large in size and, of course, try to saddle-wigwam tent that is tapered. Certainly in such dwellings covered with animal skins, which back in the top of the feathers were […]