The ancient city of Chersonese

The biggest mistake the person can ever make is to be on tour through the Crimea and not to visit Chersonese. After all, even the ruins of this ancient city shows how well-developed it was. This fact is confirmed by both above-ground structures, and the results of the excavations, which help the scientists to solve […]

The extraordinary monument in Sardinia

Sardinia has more of a city, than of an island in it. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia is the autonomous region of Italy, which has quite an interesting history full of obscure events. It history dates back to the Neolithic period. If you come to Sardinia, the first place […]

The unique stones of the Ica town

A small town in the south of Peru, called Ica is full of mysteries and secrets. The population of the town is only 260 thousand people. However, there are several museums, and the museum of pre-Columbian mummies is one of them. The second museum keeps the famous collection of Ica stones. Once, these stones were […]

Top 10 most unusual hotels according to RegHotel

It was decided by RegHotel portal, that was created for tourists, to make a list of hotels that can form a top-10. According to the company, those are not just hotels where you can spend a night, but they are places that have become the main places of interest of their cities. 1. Omena hotel. […]

Top 10 best hotels of Abu Dhabi

Probably, it’s difficult to argue about the fact that Abu Dhabi is one of the best places on the planet. Every year a great number of tourists come here, not only because it’s beautiful and warm here, but because the level of comfort is rising from year to year. Now we will try to innumerate […]

What is it now, North Korea

Since its inception, North Korea (or simply – North Korea), and it was September 9, 1948, was closed to all members of the pro-Western orientation. Given this circumstance, the whole civilized world was formed and as they do to this state, and to its people inhabit this wonderful country. It is gray, gloomy weekdays, hungry […]

Ust-Poluyskoe settlement

The full name of this historical and archaeological site of federal significance «complex of monuments, the era of the late iron: settlement and sacrificial place», and among researchers and ordinary visitors of this complex it sounds less pompous as Ust-Poluyskoe settlement. To date, settlement is practically in the city of Salekhard on Cape Anhalt, a […]

The value of Ust-Poluyskogo settlement archeology of Siberia

Unlike other areas of Russia, the region of Western Siberia, extending from the Ural Mountains to the river basins draining into the mainstream of the Yenisei, for quite some time has been little studied from the point of view of the historical development of the population living in this rather vast space. Those developments that […]

Pool Badeschiff in Berlin

One of the main problems of modern cities, regardless of their size and number of inhabitants, is the environment, because to date none of the existing technology is not a waste-free, and much of the waste produced simply not be complete disposal or recycling in some other useful for human-product. Are no exception to this […]

Dome House by Steve Arina

If there is a certain amount of funds and free time, you can, as an American designer, Steve Arin (Steve Areen) take and build something similar to what he had built in Thailand hacienda his friend Thais Hajjar Gibran (Hajjar Gibran). The idea of building a small house bachelor, in the form of a small […]