Top 10 hotels with an unusual past

Currently, tourists are attracted by the hotels that have an interesting past. For example, they are located in the old locks or other buildings, which have an interesting history. Thanks to list the Top 10, you can see the most popular and famous hotels with an unusual history. 1. Washington Schoolhouse Hotel (Utah, Park City)This […]

Top 10 hotels for family vacations

Feature of these hotels is to best spend your vacation with the whole family. Much attention is paid to children on holiday, so parents picked hotels, which can find something to do, both adults and children. Top 10 hotels for family entertainment, talks about the best hotels of this type. 1. Llao Llao Hotel in […]

Top 10. Cities with the most expensive hotels frequented by Russians

It is known that Russian tourists can put a round sum for your vacation, so international service decided to investigate which are the most popular hotels and named Top 10 cities with the most expensive hotels, which are often visited by tourists Rosskam. 1. DubaiThis city has long holds the first position among the other […]

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world

Sometimes you want to go somewhere, where nobody can find you, to escape from the city fuss and work and just relax in solitude. The List of Top-10 hotels presents you the hotels where you can stay on your own. 1. Petit St. Vincent (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)The advantage of this hotel is that […]

Top-10 celebrities favorite hotels

The tourists often want to visit the hotels, where they can meet their idols. According to this fact, we present top-10 celebrities favorite hotels. 1. Copacabana Palace (Rio de Janeiro)Although the hotel was built in 1923, it’s very popular today. Its advantage consists in locating on the coastline near the beach of Copacabana. This hotel […]

Top 10 hotels, located in the lighthouses

There is a special type of hotels, which singles out from the other ones. Its peculiar feature consists in locating the rooms in the lighthouses. The lighthouses have practically become useless, because of the fast development of the marine navigation. That’s why the owners of these constructions equip them with the hotel or just offer […]

Top 10 hotels located in the rocks

Nowadays, people are looking for new sensations, and hotels located in the caves are a place where you can get a lot of new experiences. Many want to feel the life of primitive man, and therefore bought a number of hotels. Top 10 talk about the original caves are located hotels. 1. Suevas del Tio […]

Top 10 best hotels located in the palaces

Many people visiting the Louvre or the Hermitage, would like to stay for a moment all the happy owner of this beauty. Travel agencies dreams come true and offer wishing to visit the hotels located in the palace. List of Top 10 calls hotel which is located in places where previously palaces. 1. Taj Lake […]

Top 10 most budget resorts for family holidays

We have tried to collect for you the most inexpensive resorts for families. These are the resorts, which can go even in the winter, especially since the price will cost you much less. Plus, the temperature never drops below 20 degrees. And so, the top 10 resorts that you can visit. 1. Resort Sharm El […]