The Gimpo city. Pyramids in Australia?

The Gimpo City, which is located in Australia, Queensland, is located on the River Mary. This river, occasionally flooded the city, leaving their shores and groundwater as well. But not so long ago, it was reported that the city has a pyramid, though the information is not checked, but I personally have an interest and […]

Bald Hills in Zimbabwe – Matobo Hills

Zimbabwe is a country located in eastern Africa. It used to be a part of the First Empire Monomotapa, and the majority of population made up gokomere folk. This is a story that should be interesting to everyone in the world but, unfortunately, now there’re only few people who are willing to travel to distant […]

Top-10 most expensive hotels in the world

People on vacation usually book a room in a hotel. It’s very important for the room to be comfortable with a bathroom, a clean bed, where you can rest, a TV and the Internet. But rich people prefer something more than just a TV and the Internet. If a person with an average salary can […]

Top-10 best hotels in the world

Each of us comes to know the world only in comparison and choose between different options. It can be a part in the festival, a contest or other competition. The same situation we have in a hotel business, and during the several days the special medal is awarded for the outstanding achievements. Not so long […]

Top-10 highest hotels in the world

You scarcely imagine how many hotels in the world exceed the height standards. These hotels are mostly located in the Middle East or in Asia. These places are worth visiting at least once in your life. However, only few people can afford to book a room there, but no one will forbid you to, at […]

Top 10 strangest hotels in the world

When we choose a place to go on vacation, and a hotel to stay, we are looking for only one hotel and a place that, at least, will satisfy our needs in design and service. So, the rooms in a hotel should be attractive, and the staff – friendly. No one likes when you pay […]

Top-10 most expensive hotels

If you have limitless sum of money you probably don’t know the most expensive hotels in the world. The reason is, that you take it along and it doesn’t matter how much you spend, the biggest role plays your comfort. So today we will talk, as you might have guessed, about top-10 most expensive hotels […]

Top 10. Most small hotels

Maybe for someone and surprising to hear that a small hotel, it’s much better than the huge apartment, but still hideaway, it will just be a great option. It is for you, dear visitors, we want to show the top 10 most small hotels. Hotel Punta Grange is unique not only because it is small […]

Top 10. The most unusual hotels in the world

Are you interested in someday something unusual, if not non-standard. If so, we want to give you a list of those hotels that we think the most unusual, one might even say wild. But interestingly, they did not just surprise us with their views, but also make it clear that in this world you can […]