Top 10 most popular hotels in Crete

Resorts that are on the island of Crete, is getting more and more popular. Incidentally, this is due to the fact that there is a great service, wonderful climate, as well as a very ancient history, which wants to know everyone. Because we want to provide for your consideration the top 10 resorts, hotels and […]

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world

Not so many people know that marketing is one of the most important issue of individual business. The point is that in this economic sector, advertisement acts as not only, as they say, the engine of commerce, but it has become the mean of getting money as well. As a result, hotels’ owners indulged their […]

The-10 top of the most popular hotels in Turkey

There is no secret that many citizens prefer to relax in the Turkish beaches, lapped by the Black Sea waters. This happens because of many reasons: somebody likes the price, somebody prefers the quality, and somebody ratios of the price and the quality. But anyway, we decided to present you the top ten hotels in […]

Magic Cave in Western Hunan

It is believed that those people who have been on Mount Tianmen, could touch the sky. Since then located just Chinese «Gate to Heaven» – a large cave, which was formed as a result of the destruction of the mountain. Otherwise her name – «magic cave in Western Hunan». China lifetime attracted my attention, and […]

Krasnoyarsk – a city on the Yenisey

Besides the fact that Krasnoyarsk is one of the largest administrative and economic centers of the Russian Federation, the city has a population of over one million, and it really is something to see, even if there come from a purely business trip. First of all, it’s probably regard to architecture. Those buildings and structures […]

Castle at Stone Mountain

On the border of the Tula and Moscow regions, where a small river runs Sturgeon, is one of the archaeological sites of the Russian Federation, the so-called «Stone Mountain», which is the remains of the ancient city that once stood on the top of the mountain. According to historical documents preserved ancient castle was a […]

Museum of Easter Egg

In small town Coloma, that known as center of handicraft and needlework of Ukraine, is situated the singular museum of Easter egg (« Pysanka» at ukranian). This museum is unique because it hasn’t got any analogue in the world. Painting of easter eggs is quite interesting folk art. Year after year the masters of Pysanka […]

Trovant – living stones Romania

Romania, whose capital is Bucharest, ranked 52 th in the number of inhabitants. The country is rich enough ethnic culture and a large part of the population today is Orthodox. The economy in this country is growing rapidly. To date, in Romania there are stones that are surprising and mysterious, since no one hardly knows […]

Stone Balls San Jose

Despite the fact that almost all corners of the globe, it would seem, has long been studied and studied by competent professionals, but today in some areas are quite strange artifacts, which today are a mystery to many scientists. These objects include historical and stone balls found in the early forties in the jungles of […]

The Autostadt Car Towers and Museum in Germany

The Autostadt, created by a well-known Volkswagen brand to skyrocket customer service, is located near the company’s factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is a striking landmark of that fair city. The structure is basically a car museum of all vehicles the Volkswagen company has ever released. In addition, there is a cinema, where automotive enthusiasts […]