Polish TV

Your body might physically leave the country, but your heart, your spirit, your thoughts – they always stay in Poland. You might miss a lot about your homeland being abroad. But probably the culture, the language are the things you are going to lack the most. Well, the Internet TV successfully addresses this issue. PolBox.TV is the


Funeral services at the highest level

Organizing a funeral is not an easy task for an ordinary person. Unstable morale and a sense of loss affect a person negatively, which is why the independent organization of the funeral process can cause some difficulties. So best to start with in order to call a funeral agent specialized funeral service. What is the


Discover Uzbekistan traveling around it

Uzbekistan country is unique because here you can relax, go on a trip, while combining sightseeing; visiting mountains, rivers, lakes and deserts; visiting restaurants of Uzbek cuisine; participating in traditional fairs, festivals, and much more. If you have never heard of such a beautiful magical country like Uzbekistan, or heard, but did not find the


The building of architect Toyo Ito

Expression – “Architecture should not be frozen music,” says Japanese architect Toyo Ito, a newly-laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Prize. His buildings are called “timeless”, they are marked by the “air and wind” prevailing in them and the magnificent game of forms. is a news site in the world of tourism and travel, gathered


Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

One of the well-known – the research division of the publication The Economist in 2012 published a rating – The most expensive cities in the world, in which Moscow did not find a place among the most expensive cities. The first place, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, became the city – Tokyo. Life in



Articles about tourism and travel

Nowadays there are many resources in internet telling about tourism and travel in all its manifestations. That is why our set-travel tried to create own editorial policy of writing an articles about tourism and travel, so you can see on our pages only the latest ones. And everyone can be sure in relevance of all tourism and travel news and articles, including the cost of various tours and itineraries.

The world of tourism

Generally news in the world of tourism is written by those, who had ever been in a journey and who can’t live without travel; for whom the world «travel» is more than just simple tourism and travel. So that people try to get all travel news from first hand or on our web-site Set-travel.

Tourism news

Many of us, who are interested in such subjects as tourism news or travel and tourism, probably, noticed that every day there are new routes, services and travel conditions for various popular routes. In some cases, such change occurs under influence of the market conjuncture or other factors, when tourism of some region gets a new development or conversely acquires any negative aspects. And all of this you can read on set-travel pages.

Travel news

Tourism travel or travel news are promptly presented on our site. And here you can see and read travel news from the most exotic countries and parts of our planet. However, we will be always glad to see the responses of direct participants of any travel with all their realities and impressions. And we promise that all of such responses will be in our section of travel news, where the world of tourism will be presented by your eyes.

The world of travel

Equally remarkable section of our website «The world of travel» will be our analysis of comparative cost of various tourist hotels and availability of their facilities and services. Given this, our “News in the world of tourism” will be not only interesting for many of you, but also useful in planning your upcoming vacation, and the world of tourism appear before you in more realistic colors.

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